Transcontinental Channels

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The transcontinental channels are passages between mainland continents. They are composed of a group of sims, usually covered with sea water. These channels usually have automated transportation vehicles (like a ferry).

List of transcontinental channels

  1. Sansara - Heterocera (ANWR)
  2. Nautilus - Corsica (East passage, at Castle Valeria)
  3. Nautilus - Corsica (West passage, at Gubbio)
  4. Corsica - Gaeta 5
  5. Nautilus - Blake Sea (very large, but still a passage).

Note: Nautilus and Satori are not linked together with a transcontinental channel. They form together a supercontinent, like Euroasia in real world. However, before the creation of Nautilus City, they were two separate continents, linked with a channel.