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Many Linden Lab employees and Residents use Twitter to share status updates, announcements, casual conversation, links of interest, and other insights into stuff they're involved in.

Note that LL doesn't formally provide service support through Twitter; while we can point you in the right direction, you should always use the Support Portal.

Please keep this list sorted neatly.



Individual Lindens


  • Athanasius Skytower - blogger, scripter, entrepreneur, and curmudgeon.
  • Gray Beam - Long time resident and geek. (LOL - well, I was first when the page started!)
  • [1] - Cerulean Capalini: resident, blogger, builder, farmer, Tipsy Commentary
  • [2] - Bishop Emmons: resident, blogger, complainer de jour, explorer
  • Eureka Dejavu Entrepreneur and Artist
  • Madame Maracas - RadioRadio DJ, Founder, Owner; SLCC2007 Chicago Guru; Avarice & Scintillation design groups. On Plurk as Madame Maracas.
  • Melody Paperdoll - also Casper Paperdoll, SL musician 'n lots of randomness.
  • Merry Calliope - Adventurer
  • Burhop Piccard - 3D Software developer
  • Blarion Gazov - Random fennec.
  • Carthalis - resident, explorer and photographer
  • Wicked Picket - Wanderer of the Grid since selling my private sim.
  • Holocluck Henly - Cartoonist, illustrator, writer, builder, eccentric EMH.
  • Crap Mariner - Deranged windup clockwork figure
  • Maria Korolov - Editor of Hypergrid Business, Marie Kolache in Second Life.