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Machinima Actress, Voiceover Actress, Live Show Actress, Amateur Digital Photographer, Avid Shopper, Music Fan


Winner of Just-Us "Beautiful SL" Photography Contest (sponsored by Skyra Woodget)

Winner of SL Enquirer's MardiMascot 2009 Contest (sponsored by Lanai Jarrico)


New Resident Interview in Second Life Insider

MardiMascot 2009 Interview in Second Life Enquirer

Voice Acting and Machinima Projects

Blue Kitty Slicing Machine (Directed by Codewarrior Carling)

El Giafaron (Directed by Laurina Hawks)

I Propose (Directed by Evie Fairchild)

Christmas Angel 2009 (Video Christmas card directed by Suzy Yue)

The Best Christmas Special...Ever! (48 Hour Machinima Project Entry directed by Suzy Yue)

Story Time with Uncle Madtone (for IBM)

Cocos Island, Costa Rica in Second Life (for the Costa Rica Tourist Board directed by Ariella Languish)

Flashpoint Academy (for Flashpoint, The Academy of Media Arts and Sciences in Chicago)

R-Heroes Episode 6: Scope Creep Not Required (for IBM)

R-Heroes Episode 5: QM - Put to the Test (for IBM)

R-Heroes Episode 4: And All That Jazz (for IBM)

R-Heroes Episode 3: Divided We Fail (for IBM)

Live Theatre Appearances

Ghost Pirates October 23, 2009 - October 31, 2009

Television Appearances

The Dating Casino November 1, 2009

Print Appearances

Photo featured in I, Avatar (photographed by Mark Stephen Meadows a.k.a. pig hed)

Miss September in Brilliant Blondes 2009 Calendar (photographed by Connie Sec a.k.a. Connie Arida)



Prim Perfect's Images of Burning Life 2009

SL Things to Do

Published Work

Guest Blogger Series on SL Max




Avatars United

Life Online

Machinima Artists Guild



Second Life Blogs

Second Life Society