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[[Image:My_dream.jpg‎ ]]
'''Hello Im Al3xia Ferraris'''
'''Hello Im Al3xia Ferraris'''
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{{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Volunteers|osp}}
{{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Volunteers|osp}}
{{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Volunteers|spa}}
{{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Volunteers|spa}}
{{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Volunteers|ssp}}                         [[Image:Back.jpg‎ ]]
{{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Volunteers|ssp}}

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Hello Im Al3xia Ferraris

I like helping people, 70% of my time in SL since the day it started to handle the program was devoted to the aid of newcomers.

I have a sim called Odin to which I have a great affection, is located next to Spanish Orientation, an island for Spanish-speaking people in which most of the time step.

born on May 05, 2007.

My real name is Alexandra and I'm from Spain, Coruna.

Languages? Spanish, Galician, Catalan, Portuguese and Italian

I like helping people.

My skills? The handling of photoshop, textures, creating clothes, skin, sculpties and the construction and editación of land.

In my real life I am a computer programmer and missing 3 years to finish the race engineer informatica

Secon Life is an extension of our reality in which our dreams, talents, secrets and desires are reflected.