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I'm Al3xia Ferraris from Spain. I speak Spanish and Portuguese.

I am dedicated to the Second Life Volunteer program.

I building master of SL space in Flickr

Open Stargate Network Address

My profile in other forums: Aventura y Viajes
Spanish Orientation

Second Life Volunteer Program

eva Nowicka helped me a lot to join the volunteer program, little by little I learning to assess the need for assistance to Spanish-speaking people.

I contribute to my neighbor island "Spanish Guidance for teaching creations to newcomers, I create classes of clothing, creating skins and editing and creation of buildings.

Gratifiante is helping people is more rewarding and found a forum such as "IRENE MUNI", a forum that allows the Spanish translation of Second Life.

Now only hope to be a good volunteer and be helpful.

Collaboration and Team Work

More info about the Spanish speaking Mentors.