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Barnzy Soyer


I am Mentor, Livehelper & Instructor from the UK. If you need help on almost anything in SL then my door is always is open, i aspire to hopefully be a linden liaison one of these days but it might looking to far into the future yet, i can normally be found on Frontier Linden's land or hanging around Help Island's helping who ever i can find. I reply to most if not all my IM's so don't hesitate to contact me in game should you need to, i hope to make an amazing contribution to this wikki and hope to work more closely with my fellow helpers and mentors in the future.




Note:If i can't understand you i will always contact anyone i can to see if they can translate, so try anyway.



Some Scripting


Problem Solving

Being Happy

Many Others

--Barnzy Soyer 09:47, 8 January 2007 (PST)