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About Benji Nakamori

Benji Nakamori - White Tiger Mentor, Resident Help Network.

Resident of Second Life® since 2007/8/26, I quickly realized that my interest for this virtual world would be optimal in offering my help & support to other Residents. Therefore I decided to create a group of Volunteers, the White Tiger Mentors [RHN], with the aim to provide a real assistance in-world, not even knowing at that time I could apply to become an official Second Life Mentor, what I subsequently did as Mentor Linguist. I pay particular attention to the fact that assistance should be useful to not only what is happening in-world, but also to the persons in real life who could have some difficulties with the use of their computers, that is why I also wanted to be a SecondAbility Mentor and a Virtual Ability Mentor.

My Experience in Second Life®

  • Former Second Life Mentor Linguist, official Linden Lab's program.
  • Founder and Co-Owner of White Tiger Mentors (WTM) program, [RHN] status.
  • Co-Owner of New Resident Services (NRS) and Mentors ! (WWM) groups.
  • Co-Owner of RHN Q and A group, also Volunteer as Help Sandbox Mentor [RHN],
  • Mental Mentor Linguist [RHN], Phoenix Wave Mentor Linguist [RHN],
  • SecondAbility Mentor [RHN] and Virtual Ability Mentor [RHN].

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)

How to use the Support Portal

  • Click play to watch this Video Tutorial (by Emma Linden & Linden Lab's Documentation Team):

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