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About me

BlckCobra Shikami

I am a Second Life Resident since September 2006 and love to script, build and create new things. I am friendly, usually very patient, creative, perfectionistic, cheeky, enjoy good typos and I love to chat with people from all over the world.

What I do in Second Life

I mainly script and try to create new stuff or improve my skills. 'Flagship' products are the CobraTech Contest Board and the CobraTech Photo Contest System. I also try to attend some of the Linden Office hours if my time allows and try to help to improve Second Life and the infrastructure by translating text to german or improving wiki pages. I try to help other residents inworld and via Second Life Answers and report tecnnical issues via Jira.

Where do you find me

You can usually find me in at the CobraTech Mainshop and I am often up for a relaxed chat. If I am not there I am in a meeting or on a build plattform high in the sky building weird things. Sometimes you can also find me in the beta grid helping to test new simulator releases and torturing Linden Lab with JIRA reports.

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