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Originally Posted 4-07-2009.

1) What about people who "live above the store"? People who have a skybox with personal non-publicly-advertised bedrooms on a plot with a ground-level non-mature/adult store? If you own X-meters of land. Will you be GIVEN the same amount of land on the adult sim?

ANSWER: 1) Personal bedrooms - if they aren't advertised and aren't holding sexually- or violently-themed events, aren't really adult content. It's just a bedroom at that point. 2) Skyboxes - if it's advertising adult content, it will have to be on adult land. 3) Land swap - If your content on the mainland is adult and you choose to move to the adult continent, you will be able to directly swap land to the adult continent. It will be the same amount.

2) Will there be adult Help Islands and Welcome Areas?

ANSWER: No, there will not be any Help Islands but there will be safe InfoHubs that will be flagged as Adult. It will start with one and more will be added.

3) As it stands now, the ONLY way to choose either the "Age verification required" or "Payment info required" checkboxes is to first check the "PUBLIC ACCESS" checkbox, and if you do that, you can NOT use the check boxes for an access list by name, a group that has access, or selling passes for access. Age/payment verification completely EXCLUDES any possibility of using any other access restriction. Flagging a sim as "ADULT" absolutely, positively, MUST NOT disable the ability to use an access list or land access groups to restrict sim-wide access. It has to work as IF (((Age verified - True) OR (Payment info on file = True) OR (Payment info Used = TRUE)) AND ((Access permitted by explicit access list) OR (Access permitted by group membership)))THEN Allow access. NEITHER TRUMPS THE OTHER! It has to be possible for a sim to allow only members of the "Furry Sex Maniacs" group who are ALSO Age or payment verified. Because WE have no way to limit membership in the "Furry Sex Maniacs" group to only age or payment verified individuals. And because that same group may have Mature land elsewhere that membership allows access to, regardless of age or payment verification.

ANSWER: Logic is: IF (Resident Maturity >= Region Maturity) //either by age-verification, payment info, etc. THEN (check other access permissions) // including group, age-verification required, etc.) ELSE (Resident doesn't get into region) //no matter what the other access permissions are

The other access permissions behaviors have not changed. I believe this means that what the resident has stated above is correct. We have just added a step before the current access restrictions to check maturity level first.

For example, if we have three residents in the Furry Maniacs group: 1) New Furball (not age-verified, not payment-verified, not an adult) 2) Shopper Furball (payment-verified and used, but not age-verified, is an adult) 3) Grandma Furball (age-verified, is an adult)

If the region is set up as an Adult region, no matter what other settings are used, New Furball will not be able to enter until they have added some information to their account to verify that they are an adult.

If Allow Public Access is turned off, and only the Furry Maniacs group is allowed in, Shopper and Grandma will both be able to enter.

If the Age-verified Adults checkbox is then also selected, only Grandma Furball will be allowed in.

The permissions build on top of one another.

4) Your answer was "we will be conscious of placement when we move people". Is it going to be up to LL's of where we are going to be placed, or is the continent going to be opened for all of us being evicted to pick and choose for ourselves? I almost get the feeling we will be handed a number and we have to go match up our number to the plot assigned like at some dinner formality where our name is upon the table in which we have been assigned by the host.

ANSWER: Currently, we are considering allowing the residents to choose 3 options for where they would like to move and Linden Lab would assign on a first come first serve basis based on their picks. What are some thoughts on this?

5) What is LL going to do about XSL?

ANSWER: XStreet already has adult content separated and payment info with Xstreet will also qualify for verifying an SL account.

6) How will people end up on the land swap list? Will it be voluntary or will they be selected by LL

ANSWER: People will be able to request a land swap and we will review to make sure that their parcel meets the criteria of being on the mainland and containing adult content, and that they would be impacted by the changes.

7) How much time will we be given to select and move everything over before dual tier kicks back in or will it be that once the swap is done the legacy mainland reverts to LL and we're given a certain amount of time to remove our items?

ANSWER: Linden will assign parcels and the resident will have 9 days, over a two weekend period, to go and 'buy' the new land. At the end of the 9 days, we will reclaim their mainland parcel. Again, there will be no dual tier.

8) Are you going to have beaches and snow in Ursula???

ANSWER: Yes and No. There are lots of coast lines and some substantial beach property. Currently, there are not any snow specific regions but snow can easily be added to the mountain peaks.