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Topics: Linden Office Hours,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another unedited transcript? Bad Blue...

[16:02] Alpha Prim: Hi hi Blue ;)

[16:02] Ricken Flow: Hello Blue

[16:02] Blue Linden: how is everyone today?

[16:02] Ganesha Xi: A bit steamed.

[16:02] AvaJean Westland: Great. Tired...but great

[16:02] Ludinha Kamachi: really fine, and you?

[16:02] Ganesha Xi: Been hanging out with Alpha too much today :P

[16:02] You: Hello :)

[16:02] Ganesha Xi: Taryn!

[16:03] Ludinha Kamachi: Hey Taryn

[16:03] Blue Linden: good ty :)

[16:03] Alpha Prim: oohhh Miss Taryn ;)

[16:03] You: Ganesha! *hugs*

[16:03] Ganesha Xi huggles

[16:03] You: Hiya Alpha

[16:03] AvaJean Westland: Nice to meet you Blue

[16:03] You: Hey Blue

[16:03] Blue Linden: why so tired Ava? Late where you are?

[16:03] Ganesha Xi: You're all probably wondering why I called you here today...

[16:03] Blue Linden: haha

[16:03] You: Ganesha and I are getting married!

[16:03] Alpha Prim: yes :) Thirsday just started :)

[16:03] AvaJean Westland: No, it's only 7:03pm. Only had 4 hours of sleep.

[16:03] Blue Linden: yay!

[16:03] You: Oh, crap, spoiled the surprise.

[16:04] Blue Linden: doh!

[16:04] Ganesha Xi: We already have a prim baby on the way

[16:04] Ganesha Xi: Oh whoops

[16:04] Blue Linden: well hopefully you'll get better sleep tonight

[16:04] AvaJean Westland: thanks :)

[16:04] Taryn London giggles

[16:04] Ludinha Kamachi: ty

[16:04] Blue Linden: I'll try to be boring so you can nap now

[16:04] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Drew Dwi (15m)

[16:04] AvaJean Westland: lol

[16:04] Blue Linden: shouldn't be too tough!

[16:04] Ricken Flow: lol

[16:04] You: Blue, you're so considerate xD

[16:04] Ganesha Xi: :)

[16:04] Blue Linden: especially considering the topic for today's office hour is

[16:04] Yeti Bing: so how do we save the world today, Blue?

[16:04] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Garn Conover (14m)

[16:04] Blue Linden: OFFICE HOURS.....tawn

[16:04] Blue Linden: *yawn

[16:05] Meghan Dench: AFK just for a minute brb

[16:05] Blue Linden: the world will have to wait, we're going to talk about ourselves

[16:05] Yeti Bing: lol

[16:05] Blue Linden: many of you are office hour regulars here on the big chair

[16:05] Colton Linden is Offline

[16:05] AvaJean Westland: My first time :)

[16:05] Alpha Prim: lol

[16:05] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: DaQbet Kish (14m)

[16:05] Blue Linden: welcome Ava ^_^

[16:05] Blue Linden: how many attend other Linden office hours?

[16:05] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Garn Conover (16m)

[16:06] Alpha Prim: I do :)

[16:06] Blue Linden: I know Kate's are a favorite of some of you

[16:06] Ludinha Kamachi: I do

[16:06] AvaJean Westland: there are other ll office hours?

[16:06] Ricken Flow: I attend jon's

[16:06] Yeti Bing: me, too

[16:06] You: I do

[16:06] You: Alpha sure does :P

[16:06] Drew Dwi: sometimes

[16:06] Blue Linden: leaving mine early "thank GAWD kate's is starting let's blow this dump"

[16:06] Sofia London is Online

[16:06] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Flexi Prim (3m)

[16:06] Ganesha Xi: I do occasionaly.

[16:06] You: hahaha

[16:06] Alpha Prim: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Office_Hours

[16:06] Ricken Flow: I have tried to attend pathfinders but havent got him yet

[16:06] Drew Dwi: when trying to get an update on a bug or stuffs helpfull to go to that teams and poke them

[16:06] Garn Conover: uuug poseballs :(

[16:06] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Stryker Jenkins (15m)

[16:06] Blue Linden: yep...numerous Lindens hold hours

[16:06] Garn Conover: there we go

[16:07] Ludinha Kamachi: Tried to attend Side office hour, but....

[16:07] AvaJean Westland: how do I find out about them? Some one told me about yours...

[16:07] Blue Linden: Alpha posted a link to the listing Ava

[16:07] Ganesha Xi: Alpha's link

[16:07] Blue Linden: updated fairly regularly I hope

[16:07] Garn Conover: Fire under the Lobseter hrrrrrm, any1 up for Lobster in a bit?

[16:07] Blue Linden: I'll be updating mine this week with a link to transcripts

[16:07] Alpha Prim: I didn't want to mention it Garn :))

[16:07] Drew Dwi: sometimes their profile says one thing and the wiki says another D:

[16:07] AvaJean Westland: Oh I see it. Thanks Alpha

[16:07] Blue Linden: yeah, those are the SLACKER lindens ;O

[16:08] Drew Dwi: xD

[16:08] Ganesha Xi: Doesn't that describe most of them?

[16:08] Stryker Jenkins: bussy tonight...

[16:08] Ganesha Xi runs real fast

[16:08] Taryn London chases Ganesha

[16:08] Blue Linden: I'll admit that it can be tough to keep all the sources of info updated

[16:08] Ricken Flow: there is also a google calendar you can download showing all linden hours

[16:08] Flexi Prim waves to Alpha and winks

[16:08] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Carl Metropolitan (17m)

[16:08] Drew Dwi: too many places for info makes for confusion

[16:08] Alpha Prim: waves happy back

[16:08] Ganesha Xi: Beware the love birds :O

[16:08] AvaJean Westland: Hey Carl! The man who told me all about this!

[16:08] Blue Linden: I think the google calendar needs to be updated...let me make a note ot harass some lindens about that....

[16:09] Carl Metropolitan: Hello

[16:09] Drew Dwi: yeah, the wiki, calander and reality don't match up :X

[16:09] Garn Conover: hey Carl i ebat ya today

[16:09] Rocka Amat is Online

[16:09] Alpha Prim: The wiki is up-to-date, except George maybe

[16:09] Drew Dwi: wonder if they could make a tab, like wiki, where you could edit your wiki page in your profile

[16:10] Blue Linden: okay...well that's a good point. I'll send out a general mail to the company this week to remind people to get their act together :0

[16:10] Ricken Flow: I am going to create an XML database showing all linden office hours as a school project

[16:10] Ganesha Xi: :)

[16:10] Ludinha Kamachi: =)

[16:10] Blue Linden: so if you're just arriving, hullo and welcome!

[16:10] Ganesha Xi: Ricken you are sick.

[16:10] You: hahaha

[16:10] Blue Linden: thanks for coming everyone

[16:10] Ganesha Xi: Truly sick. :)

[16:10] Ricken Flow: haha

[16:10] Blue Linden: we're on topic early this week...talking about Office Hours

[16:10] Alpha Prim: Well we can now look at websites in SL :)

[16:10] Flexi Prim: Too bad only one av per seat :(

[16:11] Blue Linden: so it's a recursive office hour...kind of like the little tiny chairson the table

[16:11] Blue Linden: SOooo...for those just arriving....anyone attend non-Blue office hours?

[16:11] Meghan Dench: Yep

[16:11] AvaJean Westland: no

[16:11] Meghan Dench: Wait what do you mean?

[16:11] Jim Sella: my first linden office hour attendence

[16:11] Ganesha Xi: I worship Blue Linden. I go nowhere else.

[16:11] Stryker Jenkins: yep... just been at Micheals

[16:11] Blue Linden: hehe....do you go to other Linden's hours

[16:12] You: We came from Bridies

[16:12] Garn Conover: i was @ Rc just now

[16:12] Meghan Dench: Yep

[16:12] Blue Linden: Ganesha FTW

[16:12] Drew Dwi: It would be maybe a good idea to have a listing of departments, and then office hours or lindens holding office hours from them

[16:12] You: packed place

[16:12] Ganesha Xi: \o/

[16:12] Ganesha Xi: Gotta start foods

[16:12] Geo Meek is Offline

[16:12] Dawny Daviau is Offline

[16:12] Carl Metropolitan: Rarely--most are schedules when I'm at RL work

[16:12] Meghan Dench: I will get a listing done like that Drew, next few days

[16:12] Blue Linden: that could be a good idea Drew...I know some lindens aren't listing their departments or topics

[16:12] Alpha Prim: We had much fun at Mia's office last time....she has the bleeeepss :))

[16:12] Flexi Prim: ooo supper good idea

[16:12] Ganesha Xi: Yes had fun fixing Mia's puter

[16:12] Ganesha Xi: lol

[16:13] Drew Dwi: so if you wanna know about... mmmm... havok4 you just look in development, and see the havok4 meeting

[16:13] Flexi Prim: brb

[16:13] Drew Dwi: or support ect ect

[16:13] Meghan Dench: Yeah will do Drew : )

[16:13] Jorja Warren is Online

[16:13] Meghan Dench: Wikified?

[16:13] Blue Linden: so why do people attend office hours, what is the top reason

[16:13] Meghan Dench: Fun fun fun

[16:13] Blue Linden: to give feedback, ask questions?

[16:13] Drew Dwi: complain :p

[16:13] Garn Conover: see the reclusive Linden?

[16:13] Blue Linden: complain, that's fair :D

[16:13] Blue Linden: collect linden bears

[16:13] You: yes yes and yes

[16:13] Drew Dwi: i think alot just go to see what its all about

[16:13] Yeti Bing: to grab new knowledge

[16:13] You: and eat seafood

[16:13] Blue Linden: nuuuuuuuuu

[16:14] Drew Dwi: try and understand more about the wolrd and who runs it

[16:14] Alpha Prim: all of that, cause it's kinda hard to grap you people otherwise on the grid, for numerous valid reasons

[16:14] DaQbet Kish: see how the other side lives

[16:14] Carl Metropolitan: To keep up with things that may affect NCI

[16:14] Ricken Flow: I come to learn mainly

[16:14] Blue Linden: yes Alpha

[16:14] Blue Linden: true

[16:14] Meghan Dench: Taryn just updated VWR-5533 with a comment btw

[16:14] Ludinha Kamachi: same here...

[16:14] Blue Linden: do you go to specific hours based on topic

[16:14] Ricken Flow: I harass jon and jeremy with questions all the time

[16:14] You: I come to learn and to help and to be part of something bigger than myself :)

[16:14] Dimitrio Lewis: To help shape a better future :)

[16:14] Yeti Bing: yep

[16:14] Ricken Flow: yes

[16:14] You: Topic: yes

[16:14] Blue Linden: i assume most people do that

[16:14] Ludinha Kamachi: yes

[16:15] Carl Metropolitan: no--b ased on the linden

[16:15] Alpha Prim: But I use it also to give, positive feedback

[16:15] Garn Conover: i never know what the topic is hehe i jsut go to the ones i know

[16:15] Blue Linden: well, it's certainly true that we get a lot out of these....hate to be shelfish about it, but your feedback is valuable :D

[16:15] Rocka Amat is Offline

[16:15] DaQbet Kish: to better learn a process like with the GTeam

[16:15] Meghan Dench get's to wiki and starts to wiki'fy lol

[16:15] AvaJean Westland: I didn't know the hourse were about specific topics...

[16:15] Blue Linden: and hopefully you are finding them valuable as well

[16:15] Drew Dwi: alot of the meetings have like a "core" group that always attend that meeting, so think sometimes bit intimedating to participate

[16:15] You: I come to Blue's because Im free on Wednesdays.. um I mean because I <3 Blue. :P

[16:15] Blue Linden: ;D

[16:15] Meghan Dench: ROFL

[16:15] Ludinha Kamachi: lol

[16:16] Blue Linden: it's true Drew....many of the hours have core groups

[16:16] Garn Conover: only other id go to is Torley but shes got weird times :)

[16:16] Blue Linden: this is a really optimal size group for me.....

[16:16] You: But the core groups are infiltratable :)

[16:16] Blue Linden: too much bigger and I couldn't keep up

[16:16] Drew Dwi: yea, some of the meetings are too big

[16:16] You: Torley does have weird times!

[16:16] Meghan Dench: @ Garn - Torley is a guy... LOL

[16:16] Blue Linden: but do you think there's a disadvantage to having same people at groups every time?

[16:16] Garn Conover: typo

[16:16] Jim Sella: Blue, I was wondering if any Lindens were aware of GameTap discontinuing an online game, Myst, and near 3,000 users are looking for another online place to have their community stay together.

[16:16] Blue Linden: torley has nice legs for a guy :O

[16:16] Drew Dwi: yes, because you get a narrow view

[16:16] Meghan Dench: ROFL

[16:17] Blue Linden: yes, I heard about that Jim

[16:17] AvaJean Westland: new people could give new ideas, points of view

[16:17] Blue Linden: are you an Ubu person?

[16:17] Garn Conover: bbl all :) *nibbles Blue's leg*

[16:17] Blue Linden: later Garn :)

[16:17] DaQbet Kish: i see different names each time im here

[16:17] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Alyx Stoklitsky (13m)

[16:17] Jim Sella: ok, no, i'm not, i'm just a reporter, citizen reporter for cnn's sl blog. I found a person going to the 'field trip' they had.

[16:17] Blue Linden: anyone think there would be a benefit to more new faces per week?

[16:17] Meghan Dench: I think more Voice OH's would be nice

[16:17] AvaJean Westland: yes

[16:18] Dimitrio Lewis: It depends on the nature of the office hour. Torley's office hour is social, so there's always new people who want to meet him for the first time, other office hours are technical and there are a core group with the right knowledge and experience to provide feedback.

[16:18] Meghan Dench: Can work and Meet lol

[16:18] Blue Linden: ah cool Jim :)

[16:18] Ludinha Kamachi: yes

[16:18] You: new ideas to share

[16:18] Alpha Prim: I have many alts DaQ :)

[16:18] Jim Sella: I wondered if LL wanted to do anything to attract that group to SL.

[16:18] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Windowlic Klaar (16m)

[16:18] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Trebesan Clary (8m)

[16:18] Ricken Flow: i think fresh ideas is always good

[16:18] Drew Dwi: Dimitrio has good point

[16:18] Blue Linden: there was an influx of ubu folks once before

[16:18] DaQbet Kish: lol@Alpha

[16:18] DaQbet Kish: so do i :))

[16:18] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Windowlic Klaar (12m)

[16:18] Jim Sella: yes, they said they have about 300 now.

[16:18] Blue Linden: yep, that's definitely a good point Dimitrio

[16:18] Drew Dwi: you mic is hot Trebesan

[16:18] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Windowlic Klaar (4m)

[16:19] Trebesan Clary: thanks

[16:19] Blue Linden: I think one of the reasons you see some regulars here is that I'm involved in groups that have value to certain people

[16:19] Trebesan Clary: i forgot i left it on

[16:19] Arkina Arai is Offline

[16:19] Blue Linden: Volunteers,

[16:19] Blue Linden: new user experience (OIs etc)

[16:19] Blue Linden: department of public works

[16:19] Ricken Flow: i still dont think people realize the scope of Second Life

[16:19] Drew Dwi: Volunteers seems to be like overwheelmed by the numbers of mentors vs linden's

[16:19] Multi Chair Coffee Table v1.0.38 20-Seater (Blue and Black) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.

[16:19] Blue Linden: as such, it can be of mutual benefit as I value the opinions of people who are here for those specific topics

[16:20] Jim Sella: I have considered coming to Office Hours to get quotes for stories..

[16:20] Meghan Dench votes another VTeam member.

[16:20] Taryn London seconds that

[16:20] freebsdd Allen is Online

[16:20] Taryn London 's alts 3rd, 4th, 5th that.

[16:20] Drew Dwi: the quantity vs quality factor seems like a lost cause :(

[16:20] Mellie Moody is Offline

[16:20] Blue Linden: Hmmm....that's a whole 'nother topic

[16:20] Alpha Prim: I take position 6 too ehm...

[16:20] Blue Linden: scaling volunteer group

[16:20] Meghan Dench 2'nds Taryn's 2nds and so on

[16:20] Blue Linden: let's save that for 2nd half okay?

[16:21] Meghan Dench: Blue just use your LL magic and wisk one up for us, eh

[16:21] You: I suck at math.

[16:21] Drew Dwi: yer the boose :)

[16:21] Ricken Flow: I have been to other vteam office hours and there has never been this many people

[16:21] Drew Dwi: boss even >.<

[16:21] Alpha Prim: kk boss :)

[16:21] You: It's cause they dont have giant chairs.

[16:21] Flexi Prim munches a bologna and cheese sandwich

[16:21] Meghan Dench: ROFL

[16:21] Blue Linden: so here's another question about office hours...how many of you are here specifically because I'm community team and we do community topics?

[16:21] Dale Innis nods.

[16:21] Blue Linden: and there's free pizza

[16:21] You: WHERE??

[16:21] Dale Innis is here to ask about Teen Grid a little.

[16:21] Meghan Dench is here because I am working my way around all of them.

[16:21] Trebesan Clary: i have a large chair just like this one

[16:21] Ricken Flow: i am here for the lobster

[16:21] Ricken Flow: lol

[16:21] AvaJean Westland: Not me. I had no idea what you did exactly

[16:21] Drew Dwi: my few trips to this office hours are because your listed as part of the voulenteer program

[16:22] Taryn London is here because of your vteam involvement

[16:22] Stryker Jenkins: Bye Bye!

[16:22] Blue Linden: hehe

[16:22] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Dale Innis (6m)

[16:22] fr43k Paine: Greetings everyone :-)

[16:22] DaQbet Kish: i started coming because the hour was good for me

[16:22] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: fr43k Paine (5m)

[16:22] Blue Linden: hey Fr34k :0

[16:22] Blue Linden: :)

[16:22] fr43k Paine: Hey Blue :D

[16:22] DaQbet Kish: but then you grew on me Blue

[16:22] Blue Linden: ah...right so timing helps

[16:22] Blue Linden: lol

[16:22] fr43k Paine: Heyas Carl ;)

[16:22] Dimitrio Lewis: I like the topics discussed here, and the crowd, and the atmosphere, and sometimes I have experience on topics to offer thoughts. :)

[16:22] Multi Chair Coffee Table v1.0.38 20-Seater (Blue and Black) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.

[16:22] Blue Linden: pizza not rezzing grr

[16:22] Carl Metropolitan: hi fr43k

[16:22] Ricken Flow: plus Jeska mentioned you

[16:22] Dale Innis: oooo we're full! :)

[16:22] Blue Linden: so would nayone be interested in expanded community team hour?

[16:22] Balthazar Sin is Online

[16:23] AvaJean Westland: yes

[16:23] You: heck yes

[16:23] Ludinha Kamachi: yes

[16:23] Chaos Koala is Online

[16:23] Trebesan Clary: yes

[16:23] Alpha Prim: Yay to that

[16:23] Trebesan Clary: most definatly

[16:23] Carl Metropolitan: Assuming it was at a time I could make

[16:23] Blue Linden: hmmm that's pretty positive

[16:23] Drew Dwi: I think alot of times the 1 hour is not enough, and lindens wind up leaving mid conversation

[16:23] Blue Linden: okay....two potential options there....

[16:23] Flexi Prim: i think your community wants more community

[16:23] Ricken Flow: that is true drew

[16:23] Blue Linden: 1) I bring special stunt lindens in....other community team members

[16:23] You: you dont do your own stunts?

[16:23] You: ;)

[16:23] Flexi Prim votes special stunt lindens

[16:23] Blue Linden: 2) I host a 2nd hour with rotating community Lindens

[16:23] Jorja Warren is Offline

[16:24] Blue Linden: nah...exoskeleton getting fragile in my old age

[16:24] Trebesan Clary: i vote choice 2

[16:24] Drew Dwi: yea #2

[16:24] DaQbet Kish: #2 for me as well

[16:24] Blue Linden: more hours huh?

[16:24] You: #2

[16:24] Flexi Prim: STUNT LINDENS

[16:24] Ludinha Kamachi: yes 2

[16:24] AvaJean Westland: I'm good with 1 or 2

[16:24] A group member named Raine Dowding gave you Jadenn & Raines Wedding Booklet.

[16:24] Alpha Prim: number 2 would be nice Number One

[16:24] AvaJean Westland: or BOTH!

[16:24] Alpha Prim: too much ST i know :)

[16:24] Drew Dwi: people always going to vote for the option that puts you (lindens) avalible for questioning :)

[16:24] Drew Dwi: more* questioning

[16:24] Multi Chair Coffee Table v1.0.38 20-Seater (Blue and Black) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.

[16:24] Blue Linden: community/commonwealth folks would be everett, the VTeam, jaime, claudia, glenn etc

[16:25] CHIMERA (Wear): Touched.

[16:25] CHIMERA (Wear): Touched.

[16:25] greyhat Newman is Offline

[16:25] Alpha Prim: but also sometimes a guest Linden?

[16:25] Ludinha Kamachi is Offline

[16:25] Trebesan Clary: what is the topic of this meeting?

[16:25] Blue Linden: topics like education in SL, current policy, teen grid, deveolpoer programs

[16:25] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Peter Chenille (4m)

[16:25] Alpha Prim: which we could ask about his / her field of experience?

[16:25] CHIMERA (Wear): Touched.

[16:25] CHIMERA (Wear): Touched.

[16:25] CHIMERA (Wear): Touched.

[16:25] CHIMERA (Wear): Touched.

[16:25] Blue Linden: Hi Tres, we're talking about office horus for a few more min

[16:25] Multi Chair Coffee Table v1.0.38 20-Seater (Blue and Black) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.

[16:25] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Dale Innis (6m)

[16:25] Flexi Prim demands Periapse Linden =D

[16:25] Drew Dwi: current policy would probably be a popular topic

[16:26] Ricken Flow: i think topic driven guests would be great !!!!

[16:26] Trebesan Clary: i noticed that, but i meant whats slated in total for this meeting?

[16:26] Blue Linden: that's always a good one :)

[16:26] Carl Metropolitan: One thing that the Lindens used to do that has been discontinued that you might consider bringing back is Town Hall meetings.

[16:26] Alpha Prim: I for example would like Data, Colton, Joppa :)

[16:26] Trebesan Clary: more or less is the LDPW going to be discussed?

[16:26] Blue Linden: Actually I'm proposing Community specific hour

[16:26] Flexi Prim: those are liaisons :P

[16:26] Taryn London 2's Alpha

[16:26] Drew Dwi: didn't michael hold a meeting earlier on the LDPW?

[16:26] Trebesan Clary: indeed

[16:26] Blue Linden: so that's just sepecific lindens

[16:26] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Peter Chenille (5m)

[16:26] Trebesan Clary: a minute or two ago

[16:26] Meghan Dench: Jack, Michael and Blue do the,

[16:26] Trebesan Clary: or 30, geez time flies

[16:26] Blue Linden: yes, michael has DPW specific meetings....I tend to mix it up a bit :)

[16:27] Ricken Flow: health, real life work within second life

[16:27] Drew Dwi: i think community specific would be good, announced topics ahead of time on wiki?

[16:27] Blue Linden: okay that's all good to know, I'll be looking into expanding community hours this week

[16:27] Blue Linden: topics ahead of time....that could be tough

[16:27] Blue Linden: you know I'm just making all of this up as I go right ;D

[16:27] Trebesan Clary: naturally

[16:27] Flexi Prim: me too!

[16:27] Trebesan Clary: thats what everyone does

[16:27] Dale Innis: :) yay spontaneity!

[16:27] Flexi Prim: but i do my own stunts

[16:27] AvaJean Westland: like I know what the hell I'm talking about...

[16:28] Ricken Flow: lol

[16:28] Flexi Prim: sure, we can talk about hell

[16:28] AvaJean Westland: lol

[16:28] Flexi Prim: i hear it's hot there

[16:28] Trebesan Clary: blue linden, a thought for you, how about making the chair red?

[16:28] Blue Linden: some Lindens might go for that.....how helpful would it be to you guys....to know the topic in advance?

[16:28] Flexi Prim: none

[16:28] You: That would be good. But I'd come either way.

[16:28] Drew Dwi: would allow one to say, I want to hear about that, vs not interested

[16:28] Blue Linden: Treb, it was to start and then it was suggested that I make it blue lol

[16:28] AvaJean Westland: I'd like it. Better time management for me.

[16:28] Alpha Prim: hmm a mixture, would not work for every Linden

[16:28] Dale Innis: I wanted to ask (if we're moving along) if there are any materials about the Teen Grid that I might use in presenting about SL to some bright High School kids.

[16:28] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Jurin Juran (6m)

[16:28] Ganesha Xi: :o Taryn

[16:28] fr43k Paine: I agree with that

[16:28] Trebesan Clary: well. i can pretty much guess what topicwill be discussed by what their job is

[16:29] Ganesha Xi: Oh Blue is the TG king :)

[16:29] Nigma Sterling is Online

[16:29] DaQbet Kish: but some topics dont take a whole hour

[16:29] Alyx Stoklitsky: Indeed he is

[16:29] Dale Innis: Yeah that's why I came :)

[16:29] Blue Linden: Dale, why don't I catch you after this and we can talk teens :)

[16:29] Trebesan Clary: or current project

[16:29] Flexi Prim: all hail tg king!

[16:29] Dale Innis: Very good!

[16:29] Blue Linden: unless everyone is interested?

[16:29] Blue Linden: I've got a teen topic in my back pocket here

[16:29] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: hunnipie Beck (3m)

[16:29] AvaJean Westland: Not me. I have something else to discuss with you.

[16:29] DaQbet Kish: on teens or for teens

[16:29] Meghan Dench: How does this sound; A Wiki page split up into days of the week, and then under Monday Tuesday Wednesday etc the hours for that day are listed and what will be happening in that persons hour

[16:29] Meghan Dench: ?

[16:29] Blue Linden: or do we want to stick to mentors needing more VTeam as suggested eariler

[16:30] You: Meghan: yes :D

[16:30] Ganesha Xi: I think that requires too much organization and expactations on the Lindens' parts.

[16:30] Meghan Dench: Oki on it

[16:30] ChanceDevin Corleone is Online

[16:30] You: Mentors do need more vteam.

[16:30] Blue Linden: better not touch the office horu wiki without consulting Marv first Meghan ;)

[16:30] Meghan Dench: New page not old one Blue

[16:30] Drew Dwi: lol he is very picky on his wiki

[16:30] Ganesha Xi: Hahaha yeah Marv would have your hide

[16:30] Drew Dwi: vteam topic please :P

[16:30] fr43k Paine: I already made a notecard with this Meghan (personal use) but you are right it helps a lot

[16:30] Blue Linden: he just updated page to make it more fuctional, but I'll leave that to you too ;)

[16:30] Blue Linden: *two

[16:31] Ganesha Xi: Blue how's that common area coming along? :)

[16:31] Blue Linden: so, as you might've guessed, LL has a limited budget...which of course affectts hiring....

[16:31] Ricken Flow: maybe Linden can hire an intern to keep up with things like that

[16:31] Ireland Barrymore is Online

[16:31] Trebesan Clary: lol

[16:31] Drew Dwi: interns mean people watching over intern not doing other things D:

[16:31] Trebesan Clary: what would linden interns be named?

[16:31] Dale Innis: A limited budget????

[16:31] Blue Linden: at what point should we consider new VTeam members.....what is the criteria

[16:31] Dale Innis: omg

[16:31] Flexi Prim: go get my coffee!

[16:32] Meghan Dench: Volunteer Linden, unpaid perhaps Part Time

[16:32] Blue Linden: size of mentor group alone?

[16:32] Drew Dwi: is there a list of vteam and what they do exactly?

[16:32] Drew Dwi: specific to the voluneteer program?

[16:32] Flexi Prim: almost all in-world lindens are part time

[16:32] Blue Linden: VTeam is me, amber, george, lexie and mia

[16:32] Meghan Dench: Not all

[16:32] Trebesan Clary: most

[16:32] Flexi Prim: hence "almost all"

[16:32] Dimitrio Lewis: I guess whenever the current workload becomes unmanagable, or there's not 24/7 coverage? :P

[16:32] Blue Linden: the Lindens are all full time I believe

[16:32] Flexi Prim grins

[16:33] Trebesan Clary: all of them?

[16:33] Blue Linden: well what is making people think we need more VTeam?

[16:33] Blue Linden: yes Treb

[16:33] Ganesha Xi: Liaisons are mostly part time.

[16:33] Blue Linden: to my knowledge

[16:33] Trebesan Clary: how couldn't they be

[16:33] Blue Linden: nope...Liaisons are all full time these days :0

[16:33] Alpha Prim: Needs to grab a notecard from his Alt about more Vteam.... :)

[16:33] DaQbet Kish: even the liaisons

[16:33] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Jurin Juran (6m)

[16:33] Drew Dwi: because they can't get the chat under control for example, there's a whole stink on rules yet there not followed almost 24/7

[16:33] Meghan Dench: Some are Full Time, some Part Time

[16:33] Blue Linden: so we need more VTeam because you need more to love?

[16:33] Dale Innis: exactly

[16:34] Meghan Dench: yeah and 121 Blue

[16:34] Meghan Dench: LOL

[16:34] Ganesha Xi: I think we have pretty good coverage on VTeam.

[16:34] Blue Linden: well Drew, we're not going to be able to put on VTeam 24/7

[16:34] Ganesha Xi: Personally

[16:34] Blue Linden: so hopefully mentors, of all people, can behave in the channel ;p

[16:34] Trebesan Clary: let me get this straight. you are going to "Hire" "Volunteers?"

[16:34] Alpha Prim: That and to make general residents understand that you people DO care

[16:34] You: LOL

[16:34] Drew Dwi: well i'm not saying they should babysit

[16:34] Blue Linden: no...VTeam are the Lindens who work with the volunteers

[16:34] Blue Linden: I konw what you mean Drew ;)

[16:35] DaQbet Kish: I think the GTeam is over worked

[16:35] Trebesan Clary: ah

[16:35] Blue Linden: I think we could make channel a higher priority for the team

[16:35] Blue Linden: that's certainly possible

[16:35] Drew Dwi: mmm

[16:35] Blue Linden: overworked? you should SEE how hard I beat them

[16:35] DaQbet Kish: thats where they could use more Lindens

[16:35] DaQbet Kish: lol

[16:35] Dimitrio Lewis: Do you think the mentor group chat would work better if it only went out to people who were currently wearing the tag?

[16:35] Drew Dwi: well right now once your a mentor, your kinda dropped into the group and told to have fun

[16:35] Blue Linden: and I will admit they do have a greater number of goals this quarter than last

[16:36] Drew Dwi: so the vast number i'd imagine are inactive ?

[16:36] Blue Linden: not sure if we could get devs to code that Dimitri...but interesting idea

[16:36] Flexi Prim: greater number of people to babysit anyway :)

[16:36] Blue Linden: lots of inactive volunteers, yes

[16:36] Drew Dwi: thats a genious idea Dimitrio

[16:36] Drew Dwi: but its really functionality issues that plague the group chat

[16:36] Ganesha Xi: Well isn't that how live help worked?

[16:36] KT Syakumi is Online

[16:36] Blue Linden: but when we poll the group about thinning ranks according to activity a majority don't want that to happen

[16:36] Trebesan Clary: how does one apply to be a volunteer?

[16:36] Drew Dwi: not something the vteam can sort

[16:36] Trebesan Clary: or a mentor

[16:36] Blue Linden: on the website Treb

[16:36] You: Dimitrio always has creative ideas :)

[16:37] Drew Dwi: right of course, because no one wants to sign up to be removed from something that gives them "status"

[16:37] Blue Linden: hmmm yes that IS how LH worked :O

[16:37] Trebesan Clary: lol "status"

[16:37] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: JetZep Zabelin (5m)

[16:37] Ganesha Xi: Log into your account on the website and on the side you'll see "volunteer"

[16:37] Alyx Stoklitsky: e-status!

[16:37] DaQbet Kish: status and a target :p

[16:37] Blue Linden: well Drew, assume that it was the Active ones who showed up to take poll on culling the inactive

[16:38] Blue Linden: I think it was a pretty respectable sampling

[16:38] Blue Linden: we could revisit the idea of culling too if there's a shift in attitude

[16:38] ChanceDevin Corleone gave you Mentor Buddy Class.

[16:38] Drew Dwi: mmmmm I guess my definition of active is actually doing mentor like stuff

[16:38] Hottt Slade is Online

[16:38] DaQbet Kish trusts surveymonkey

[16:38] Blue Linden: one of the problems would be tracking activity

[16:39] Drew Dwi: yeah would be near impossible with current size

[16:39] Blue Linden: easy for those spending time on OI or in WAs.....can see dwell

[16:39] Ganesha Xi: I know of one long-standing volunteer that has poofed off of the face of the earth, I am sure though that if she came back and saw that she had been culled she would be crushed.

[16:39] You: I guess everyone would have a different idea of what active is, though... pretty subjective

[16:39] Chaos Koala is Offline

[16:39] Blue Linden: but hard with the Lone Ranger mentors out there helping people as they roam

[16:39] You: Ganesha, me too.. good point.

[16:39] Rocka Amat is Online

[16:39] Drew Dwi: yep

[16:39] Blue Linden: yes, definitely Ganesha

[16:39] Drew Dwi: what about tracking with the activate their group title?

[16:39] Blue Linden: Life DOES take priority

[16:40] Drew Dwi: and doesn't mean they have to be removed, but maybe placed in an inactive role untill they return?

[16:40] Dimitrio Lewis: Assuming that people volunteer because they have aquired knowledge and want to share it, there's a lot of opportunity to do that without always being out there on the frontier.

[16:40] Flexi Prim points to self "THIS is my life" ;)

[16:40] Blue Linden: I don't know Drew, that should be looked into as well...good idea

[16:40] You: Some dont activate that title much though. My SLM title is "mentor buddy" so I usually activate the Q&A one to keep it simple, instead of changing titles all the time

[16:40] Blue Linden: okay well here's a problem though....some mentors bristle at the idea of being tracked

[16:40] Rocky Pickles is Online

[16:40] Rocka Amat is Offline

[16:40] Drew Dwi: good point Taryn

[16:40] Blue Linden: no matter how well meaning we are

[16:41] Drew Dwi: mmmm

[16:41] Blue Linden: would anyone here mind us tracking your location or time spent with mentor tag on, or is that too invasive?

[16:41] Flexi Prim: Well all my pc is screaming at me for running dual clients, so I must run. Be well all!

[16:41] You: Could it be opt-in?

[16:41] Blue Linden: i worry some people would get out the lobster forks and come for me

[16:41] Drew Dwi: location i'd imagine will bring forks

[16:41] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Trebesan Clary (6m)

[16:41] DaQbet Kish: id have no problem with it

[16:41] Blue Linden: by Flexi :)

[16:41] You: I bet a lot *would* opt in, which would avoid complaints

[16:41] Flexi Prim: ouch

[16:41] Drew Dwi: tag, I don't think would be as much as an issue

[16:41] Ricken Flow: in real life when you volunteer they expect to be active and help it should be no different here in SL

[16:41] Dale Innis: Would location data be that helpful, even?

[16:41] Blue Linden: *nods

[16:41] Flexi Prim: that was a forceful ejection from chair!

[16:42] Blue Linden: it would to an extent Dale, yes

[16:42] Ganesha Xi: LOL

[16:42] Drew Dwi: probably, because then could identify where people are helping outside of the OI's and HI's

[16:42] Dimitrio Lewis: when you say location, do you mean recording how long they spend on linden owned land?

[16:42] Blue Linden: because we ask mentors to spend time in new user areas

[16:42] Carl Metropolitan: Why assume mentors are only helping people with a mentor tag on. There are lots of mentors who help at NCI and do so with the "NCI Land Officer" tag on (for example)

[16:42] Drew Dwi: yeah taryn brought that problem up

[16:42] Blue Linden: we are able to do that in a general sense now to find the places that could use more help

[16:42] Blue Linden: Carl, becuase it was suggested that Tag On could be a trackable setting

[16:42] Dale Innis nods. "Inneresting."

[16:43] Blue Linden: but yeah, we don't have to limit helping to being tagged up

[16:43] GoldenHALO Writer is Online

[16:43] Blue Linden: some people are members of multiple help groups

[16:43] Jurin Juran: exactly

[16:43] Blue Linden: bi lingual mentors especially

[16:43] Taryn London looks at her groups and grins

[16:43] Ganesha Xi: Some people live in their mentor tags though.

[16:43] Alpha Prim: whistles

[16:43] Blue Linden: yes it's true hehe

[16:44] Ricken Flow: maybe come up with some sub groups Orientation Island Mentor, Scripting Mentor etc

[16:44] Ganesha Xi nudges Alpha

[16:44] Dale Innis: ooo groups of subs?

[16:44] Blue Linden: we have a few sub groups Ricken.....linguist, coaches, greeters

[16:44] Ganesha Xi: Others, like myself, rarely wear their mentor tag and will occasionally go help even without it.

[16:44] Blue Linden: but we're running out of spaces lol

[16:44] Drew Dwi: yeah, the role limitation is a headache

[16:44] Blue Linden: for roles that is

[16:44] DaQbet Kish: then we run into the Group limits of 25 :p

[16:44] Blue Linden: *nods

[16:44] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: brek Aeghin (1m)

[16:44] Dale Innis: Maybe if we could have more than 25 groups...

[16:44] Drew Dwi: I imagine you could get that broken for 1 group though

[16:44] Dale Innis: :) lol sorry

[16:44] Ganesha Xi: Gah who can keep up with that many groups? :P

[16:45] Blue Linden: I think DImitrio mentioned last week that we should make linden group enrollment not count towards limit

[16:45] Drew Dwi: the 25 group thing is an issue too

[16:45] Carl Metropolitan: Could LL at least consider more than 25 groups for premium members?

[16:45] Drew Dwi: yea, thats a great idea

[16:45] You: Carl, I agree

[16:45] Blue Linden: definitely something to consider Carl

[16:45] AvaJean Westland: good idea Carl

[16:45] DaQbet Kish: that Dimitrio with his good ideas!

[16:45] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: brek Aeghin (3m)

[16:45] Drew Dwi: the linden groups not count is a good idea, but Carl's idea makes sense too

[16:45] Blue Linden: group limit is related to database hits though....

[16:45] Ganesha Xi: But not all mentor groups are "linden" groups, such as Linguists

[16:45] You: I think Dimitrio is secretly an idea bot

[16:45] You: :D

[16:45] Dimitrio Lewis: that's ridiculous, $user

[16:45] Blue Linden: so unlimited might be an issue if there are millions of people with millions of groups

[16:45] Blue Linden: lol Dimi

[16:45] You: ROFL

[16:46] Mellie Moody is Online

[16:46] Ganesha Xi: Hey we have unlimited inventory, so why not? :)

[16:46] Drew Dwi: people would need less groups if the groups had more functionality

[16:46] Drew Dwi: granularity

[16:46] AvaJean Westland: some groups do more than others

[16:46] Tina Mopp is Online

[16:46] Blue Linden: we do hope to expand functionality of social tools over time

[16:46] Blue Linden: Groups is a good place to do that

[16:46] Dale Innis: There's a long thread in JIRA on this subject. :)

[16:47] Drew Dwi: yea

[16:47] Bino Arbuckle: Actually I think on the contrary -- many groups are only notice groups, they don't even use half the functionality.

[16:47] Blue Linden: if you know the number please post it!

[16:47] Drew Dwi: alot of things are talked about on jira

[16:47] Bino Arbuckle: Perhaps a new "group lite" for notice-only types

[16:47] Drew Dwi: but it feels like linden's don't read it

[16:47] Blue Linden: and add your ideas, we do pay attention to those

[16:47] Blue Linden: hehe I know Drew....people tell me that a lot

[16:47] Drew Dwi: even if you guys post "interesting, were looking at this"

[16:47] Dale Innis looks up JIRA item.

[16:47] Drew Dwi: or, we'll get back to you in a month, too busy right now

[16:47] Ganesha Xi mutters about Torley

[16:47] Blue Linden: but it's true that we read TONS and TONS of resident feedback

[16:47] Blue Linden: just not able to respond to most of it

[16:48] Dale Innis: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-208

[16:48] Rocky Pickles is Offline

[16:48] Blue Linden: that would cut into our reading time

[16:48] Blue Linden: cool, ty Dale :)

[16:48] Drew Dwi: mmm

[16:48] Drew Dwi: need an easy way to mark, 'we've seen this'

[16:48] Dale Innis: It has over 1000 votes FOR. :)

[16:48] Blue Linden: compared to most places I've worked Lindens absorb huge amounts of resident feedback....we really crave it

[16:48] Carl Metropolitan: Lots of business owners are in groups soley so they can place items on rented land (like at malls).

[16:49] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Molley Mayflower (6m)

[16:49] Carl Metropolitan: And for no other reason.

[16:49] Ganesha Xi: Reboot brb

[16:49] Blue Linden: I got a copy of James Wagner Au's book The Making of Second Life....

[16:49] Dale Innis: Is it good? :)

[16:49] Blue Linden: and he really does a good job of showing pivotal moments when LL took resident concerns to heart and made significant changes

[16:49] Blue Linden: even how SL itself tells Lindens what it wants to be

[16:50] Blue Linden: and how open LL folks are to that kind of change

[16:50] Drew Dwi: wekk remember the project open letter which brought up I think 10 points that needed help?

[16:50] Bino Arbuckle: How far back is the "making" -- the grid was significantly smaller

[16:50] Drew Dwi: well*

[16:50] DYNASTY Clip is Online

[16:50] Thalia Tal is Offline

[16:50] Drew Dwi: got something like 4-5 thousand names on it

[16:50] Blue Linden: I'll reserve judgement on book as I'm biased lol

[16:50] Dale Innis: :))

[16:50] Blue Linden: right, open letter is discussed in the booke

[16:50] Blue Linden: very interesting

[16:51] Ganesha Xi is Offline

[16:51] Blue Linden: 4-5 thousand names on list

[16:51] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Dale Innis (6m)

[16:51] Blue Linden: when we asked people to contribute to bugs on those issues....less than 200 did

[16:51] JetZep Zabelin: all mostly alts.. j/k

[16:51] Drew Dwi: because less than 200 have the knowledge to help triage/qa

[16:51] Drew Dwi: but everyone experiences them

[16:51] Blue Linden: that's according to the book btw

[16:51] Carl Metropolitan: That's because the JIRA system is opaque to most users.

[16:51] DaQbet Kish: and didnt Open Letter demand a hault on Voice and Windlight?

[16:51] Blue Linden: well, it's true....bug reporting can be a bit of an art

[16:51] Carl Metropolitan: As was the bug reporting before that.

[16:52] Blue Linden: and yes, I too have a love /hate relationship with Jira :)

[16:52] Ricken Flow: I looked at Jira once and ran

[16:52] You: hehe

[16:52] Blue Linden: hehe

[16:52] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Jurin Juran (6m)

[16:52] Dale Innis: The open letter basically said "magically fix stuff"; I was wishing for a place to sign against it. :)

[16:52] Hottt Slade is Offline

[16:52] Drew Dwi: well alot of problems is, alot of people say this doesn't work and the "this" doesn't have enough details for anything to be done

[16:53] Taryn London nods

[16:53] betty59FR Offcourse is Offline

[16:53] Drew Dwi: so jira is filled with alot of useless posts that can't be actioned upon

[16:53] DYNASTY Clip is Online

[16:53] Blue Linden: but I think LL's response to open letter was very much inline with what I'm saying

[16:53] Dimitrio Lewis: I didn't sign POL because I saw that Linden were making a major effort at improving things in the months leading up to the letter, but there were certainly times 6 months prior when I felt that improvements in some areas were needed.

[16:53] You: Rather than come up with issues, I recommend just using this. It's easier.

[16:53] Arkina Arai is Online

[16:53] You: http://ordinalmalaprop.com/tools/dear-ll.html

[16:54] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Maximillian Densmith (5m)

[16:54] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Ganesha Xi (0m)

[16:54] Ganesha Xi is Online

[16:54] Drew Dwi: xD

[16:54] betty59FR Offcourse is Online

[16:54] Blue Linden is Offline

[16:55] Drew Dwi: lots of things no easy solution

[16:55] You: ohoh, we crashed Blue.

[16:55] DaQbet Kish: awww

[16:55] Dale Innis: @ Taryn: rofl!

[16:55] Blue Linden is Online

[16:55] You: It's a great site :)

[16:55] You: Wb, Blue

[16:55] Blue Linden: ty

[16:55] Dale Innis: Ordinal r00ls


[16:55] Maximillian Densmith: excuse me....am I intruding?

[16:56] Alpha Prim: hahahaha

[16:56] Blue Linden: stack heap error ;p

[16:56] Ganesha Xi: Blue you need a Linden!

[16:56] Dale Innis: Not at all Maximillian! Flop on down.

[16:56] Blue Linden: nah, they're never around when you call ;p

[16:56] Hottt Slade is Online

[16:56] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Jurin Juran (6m)

[16:56] Ganesha Xi: Turrible.

[16:56] You: Yeah, where are all the Lindens these days? geez.

[16:56] Blue Linden: so yeah, I thought LL's response to open letter was very appropriate

[16:56] Blue Linden: we WANT to hear that stuff

[16:56] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Please Stoop (6m)

[16:57] Blue Linden: anyone here old enough to remember the Tax Revolt?

[16:57] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Jurin Juran (6m)

[16:57] Blue Linden: that was almost 5 years ago

[16:57] Ganesha Xi: Nay.

[16:57] Dale Innis: Only as stories told aorund the fire. :)

[16:57] You: Negative.

[16:57] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Please Stoop (5m)

[16:57] Molley Mayflower: Yes, and the prim banks.

[16:57] fr43k Paine is 1

[16:57] Meghan Dench: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Office_Hours_-_Specific_Issues

[16:57] Blue Linden: and I still see the same kind of Linden interest in resident issues....

[16:57] Blue Linden: I personally attend all the protests I can :)

[16:58] Ganesha Xi: Blah Dimi is stuck ruthed to me :(

[16:58] Dale Innis: But there's so MANY residents now! :)

[16:58] Molley Mayflower: Wasn't that Adam Linden leading that little revolution?

[16:58] DYNASTY Clip is Online

[16:58] Blue Linden: Hi Please :)

[16:58] Thalia Tal is Online

[16:58] Blue Linden: hehe....I can't tell people what Lindens are what residents ;p

[16:59] Blue Linden: so it's about 5pm and that's officially my office hour

[16:59] Blue Linden: I'll just give Please a big hug here...

[16:59] Blue Linden: and thank everyone for coming!

[16:59] Dale Innis: :) owie

[16:59] DaQbet Kish: oh i thought he was your dinner

[16:59] fr43k Paine: Thank you BLue :-)

[16:59] Ganesha Xi: Blue IS dinner!

[16:59] Yeti Bing: thank you blue :)

[16:59] Blue Linden: very helpful feedback....I'm going to see about setting up a Community team office hour weekly

[16:59] AvaJean Westland: Thank you Blue

[17:00] Maximillian Densmith: Newbie question.....(four days old)....what's going on?

[17:00] DaQbet Kish grabs the butter

[17:00] Dale Innis: Do you have a minute or two for my pushy Teen Grid information question?

[17:00] Alpha Prim: Thanks again Blue, see you around somewhere :)

[17:00] Blue Linden: no buttering up the lindens!

[17:00] Dale Innis: This was Blue's weekly Office Hour, Maximillian.

[17:00] Blue Linden: definitely Dale

[17:00] DaQbet Kish: lol

[17:00] Blue Linden: haha nice picture :D

[17:00] Dale Innis: Ty, Blue.

[17:00] Angela Selentiak is Online

[17:00] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Dale Innis (6m)

[17:00] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Maximillian Densmith (6m)

[17:00] Ganesha Xi: Blue is a Linden, like a game master of sorts, and he is holding a meeting about events and concerns and stuff in SecondLife :)

[17:00] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Scope Cleaver (6m)

[17:00] AvaJean Westland: Bye everyone!

[17:00] Drew Dwi: owies

[17:01] Maximillian Densmith: Oh....I get it. Thanks

[17:01] Dale Innis gets a picture of the devouring.

[17:01] Dale Innis looks around for a Herald reporter.

[17:01] Ganesha Xi: nomnomnom

[17:01] Alpha Prim: see ya around happy people ;)

[17:01] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Dale Innis (6m)

[17:01] Blue Linden: I'm happy to spend some time discussion TSL stuff publicly or you can IM me Dale :)

[17:01] Blue Linden: *discussing

[17:01] Blue Linden: OHhhhhh h

[17:01] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Please Stoop (6m)

[17:01] Blue Linden: someone send me copy of their chat log

[17:02] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Blue Linden (7m)

[17:02] Drew Dwi: oops xD

[17:02] Blue Linden: crashed and don't have transcript of meeting

[17:02] You: will do