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Avatar customization

Example textures

  • Example texture collection, ZIP of TGA files, 10.4 MB
    • Contents:
      • Clothing examples: black leather jacket, blue jeans, brown leather pants, gray seater, Hawaiian shirt, Irishman shirt,
      • Fabric: angora, denim, green, linen, maroon, purple
      • Floor tile: blue ceramic, brown stone, cracked checkerboard, gray linoleum, green linoleum, pink linoleum
      • Glass: block, circus, ice, marbled
      • Metal: diamond plate steel, galvanized steel, oxidized aluminium, rusted,
      • Stone: asphalt, black marble, concrete, gravelly concrete, gray slate, river rock
      • Wood: floorboards, mahogany, particleboard, parquet tile, teak
  • A few miscellaneous textures missing from the ZIP bundle: