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About Me

I am Cherub Spectre, Co-Owner of Pixeltrix, RealPlay, Crowbar, and Octoberville.


Pixeltrix was founded in 2005 by Cherub Spectre, Master Kaos, and Nathan Oddfellow. Dedicated to bringing Second Life users quality productivity and organizational tools. At the time of their release, every product Pixeltrix created was an original product. Although many have duplicated our ideas, none of come close to the quality that goes into all of our products.

Custom Scripting

Pixeltrix has been helping companies bring high-quality products to Second Life for several years.

Nathan Oddfellow

  • Lead script developer and co-owner of the Pixeltrix Sim and the Pixeltrix scripted gadgets store. Nathan has been scripting in the LSL language (Linden Scripting Language) since his first day in Second life, over 5 years ago.
  • In real life, Nathan has earned a Bachelor of Science degree, with high honors, in computing and software systems from the University of Washington. Nathan is currently a Senior Software Developer and Analyst for a large insurance company.

Cherub Spectre

  • Autumn has been hacking Nathan's scripts as needed for several years but has yet to fully learn the LSL language.
  • In real life, Autumn has an Associate of Science degree in Computer Programming from the University of Phoenix, and has been working as a software developer and Point Of Sale programmer for 10 years after originally being self taught.