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Can be found on twitter.

Other places this deranged clockwork miscreant has been known to haunt...

  • 100 Word Stories Podcast - A daily 100 word story in text and audio, and then a weekly collection of stories from a group of deranged loyal followers.
  • SL Weblog - "What Is This Crap?" could be missing a comma. Where you think the comma goes says a lot about how you view SL.
  • RL Weblog - I've been called lunatic fringe, right-wing fascist, racist, sexist, and hypocrite so many times, it makes me wonder why I bother going to family reunions anymore.
  • Occasional utterli rants - Lousy audio quality makes for a fun 10-15 minutes of "What did he say?"
  • Youtube videos - I wish I had more time to make these.
  • Youtube videos - A decent video card and a spacenavigator make me look better than I really am. PhotoShop... blech!
  • Tunes inSL Project - Atonement for my many tone-deaf sins.