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Daemon Hawkeye

welcome to my user page. Might update overtime.. Its 6 am right now and im too tired!


  • Languages
    • Dutch
    • English
  • Inworld
    • Building
    • Textures
    • UI (bugs and settings)
    • Helping YOU!

Feel free to IM me in world with your "problems"

About me

Im your average secondlife player.. OKay, not too avarage.. but whatever.. got to have someting =)

I started secondlife around.. 4 years ago now.. and its been a trip! holy sh**.. Met some nice people on this trip.. and i had a lot of fun.. Finaly a place to get away form my rl :>

Mwa. In rl im a marine, UIM forces (like anti terorism) not a lot to say about this.. But hé.. feel free to ask, right? ;)

for the rest..- Im a nice guy.. and most of the time ill be nice to you, and helpfull afterall, im a mentor now.. got to keep up the good rep i also dj .. mwa told you.. im boring ;)