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Hi, I am Danziel Lane. I am from Germany, my native language is German, but I hope, my English is good enough to talk to you.

In RL I am a counsellor and teacher for adults, though some of my students are teens. I love to teach, so that is what I also do in SL.

The school where I teach most is the German "vhs" ( WOW, we got an international award in March 2008, called "EureLea", and we won in competition with government groups, schools and universities. Now we are officially allowed to use the title "Best practise in e-learning", which caused some great arcicles in media, about us and about SL.

So, when it is about didactics in SL, about scripting, about RL classes brought to SL, or about qualification of residents ... I am always interested to talk about.

Why I am a mentor? Well, is there anything that beats a new resident that gets motivation on Orientation Island or Help Island from a friendly person offering help ... and being able to help? Seeing them doing their first steps and coming up with questions and creativity, that is what I like so much. And being able to help them and make their first experience in SL a fun one, also helps me to make my SL day a great one.

Well, at the moment I am not a mentor any more. I have been removed from the mentor list due to not having renewed my mentorship in September. However: I had announced I would move and have no internet connection for some time, exactly from mid August to first October weekend. No chance to renew my mentor membership.

Now I hope the Lindens will reinstall me as a mentor, that is why I don't (yet) remove this page.