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Be all you can be!!

I am a Mentor Buddy Please Join me at Help Island Public if you want to brush up on your mentoring skills.

My Second Life consists of Greeting new people at Help and Orientation Islands and the Welcome Areas. In my time on Second Life I have seen the program evolve and have evolved with it. I believe in a "pay it forward" approach to mentoring that you pass onto others and they in turn pass on to new people after them. There is so much potential in Second Life with technology, learning and communication. I am glad to help new mentors with training and you can call on me in a tough Newbie zone any time you get stuck or need some back up! My specialties are Landmarks, Popular and Interesting Places, Teleporting Issues and Workarounds and "where do I find?" requests. I speak a number of languages(basic) to facilitate help issues and use the Babbler to sort out languages that I do not.

Special thanks to Skye Galileo, Lucy Linden, Amber Linden, Char Linden, Pathfinder Linden, Bastien Culdesac, Blue Linden, Mia Linden, George Linden, Matthew Linden, Autumn Thatch, Iridium Linden, Sullybaby Gomez and Aemilia Case. Who each and every one taught me something about Second Life and made me want to Volunteer and continue to inspire me daily.

Instructing newbs the old fashioned way, one at a time.