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* http://gitweb.dzonux.net/?p=icesphere.git
* http://gitweb.dzonux.net/?p=icesphere.git
Snowglobe SNOW-375 Source:
Snowglobe 2.x with SNOW-375 patch:
* Snowglobe 2.x: http://gitweb.dzonux.net/?p=snowglobe-2.0-375.git
* http://gitweb.dzonux.net/?p=snowglobe-2.0-375.git

Latest revision as of 10:53, 9 July 2010

Example of Icesphere with Kahli dark theme.png


Icesphere combines the base functionality of the the Snowglobe viewer with the power of C#/Mono/.NET. It accomplishes this task with an independent REST/HTTP interface patched into the viewer, see SNOW-375. Client-side scripts and programs can then add features like accessibility functions, automated regression tests, detached editors, separate chat windows, inventory organizers, and more.

To see the features in action, simply start Snowglobe-375 first and then start Icesphere.


All latest information about Icesphere: http://icyspherical.blogspot.com



Snowglobe 2.x with SNOW-375 patch:


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