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Resource Method Description
/ControlGroup GET <- [ &group , ... ]
/ControlGroup/<group> GET  ?? &group <- [ &defvar, ... ]
/ControlGroup/<group>/<identifier> GET  ?? &group ?? &identifier <- &curvar

Note: Description syntax is only based on LLIDL.


Response is a list of control &groups


Response is a list of valid variable &identifiers in a controlgroup with default settings


Response is the current settings for the specific variable identified


&group = string

Name of the ControlGroup.


&identifier = string

Name of the ControlGroup variable.


&defvar = {

identifier  : &identifier,
persist  : boolean,
comment  : string,
type  : int,
value  : llsd



&curvar = llsd

The current value of ControlGrounp variable as nested LLSD.