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Resource Method Description
/Interface/Connect POST -> &connect <- &result
/Interface/UI POST -> { UI: bool } <- { status: string }
/Interface/Status POST -> { Status: string } <- { status: string }



Attempt to negotiate a connection. A reverse /Interface/Connect query is made by this forward interface, which is the Snowglobe Viewer.

An optional session cookie is set as an extra security measure to in order to lock-down a single client/server connection.


The application that requested the initial connection also listens for this query. On a successful query the Snowglobe's ControlGroup variable "InterfaceStartupCapability" is set to http://host:port/Interface/Connect, as detected by the forward interface.


A message that describes the changed state of the connection.



(host)  : string
port  : integer


Host is optional for remote sessions.



status  : string
session  : uuid
Version  : string