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Infinite possibility

Logic dictates that considering what the very near future of technology will be able to provide by way of real time user interface and computing power (See "Moore's Law") virtual worlds will become so complex that their intricacies will be indistinguishable from those of our real lives. With this in mind it has been calculated that since in our own world there is the potential for there to be many (possibly thousands) virtual worlds that will be full immersion, that virtual worlds will by far outnumber what we now consider to be the real world. This results in a high probability (not possibility) that this real world is in fact a virtual world within another real world. Summary - One true reality could spawn an almost infinite number (actually infinite in an infinite universe) of virtual worlds indistinguishable from real. Definitely worth considering. Others have and do consider it very seriously. Transhumanists consider the nature of simulated reality being potentially beneficial for Human development toward transcendance. Ask yourself this - "Is my avatar me as transhuman?".


I thought it might be interesting to start a page off for people to discuss their thoughts and feelings about what SL is and what they hope for it to become.

With the technology improving all the time and home computers becoming more widespread and powerful more and more people are taking to the internet for communication, shopping, playing games and even voting in national elections etc. This being the case a place like SL with its own social nuances and colloquialisms is in my view the perfect place for expansion of these ideas. We already do most of the above mentioned activities but have yet to be recognized in a more substantial way by governments etc as more than an internet chat room with a 3D twist. But if the trends continue and the technology grows the sky is the limit to what SL could become. Since it is what the residents make of it I see it as a new frontier. A wild west for the new millenium. I see a time (if the world and its people aren't all destroyed by greed or stupidity first) when SL and its counterparts will be so realistic that it would be hard to tell where RL ended and SL began (this being via implants or lazer projection direct on to the corneas). As such it would become a true other world.

So I wonder if anyone else would like to give a view on what SL is to them and what they would hope for it to be. -- Eddy (talk|contribs) 05:29, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

Heyas =)
This is something that wouldn't normally go on a wiki page. The Wiki is supposed to hold information, rather than discussions. The exception are talkpages, which are supposed to be a place to discuss how an article can become a better resource. There are a few other places which hold discussions too (like Project:Editing Discussion), though in general, this stuff should find a home in the forums, rather than the wiki. I therefor moved the pages in your userspace, since you're almost free to do whatever you like in here :-)
Greetz, Zai signature.png Lynch (talk|contribs) 07:21, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

Awesome thanx Zai. I thought that since no page already existed it was ok to create but didn't realize there were specific places where a page could go. I thought "The" Second life wiki (gotta love the fact that wiki is not supported by the spell checker on this wiki) was an ideal place for people to discuss the subject. But since I am new here if you feel that this shouldn't exist would you tell me straight and remove it or tell me how to and I'll do it. Any thoughts on SLs future though? -- Eddy (talk|contribs) 18:29, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

Nah, is all fine when you got it in your namespace, I guess =)
Future of SL... Three different things I'd mention there:
  1. Future of the service (viewer/server code) / new features:
    I'd like to see stuff like off viewer window dragging, getting rid of the current wet t-shirt contest, of course the upcoming shadowdraft and things like that. The OGP might allow to travel from the main grid to an opensim, though there are all kinds of problems that might arrise from that. Like asset transfer and such. Not only for implementation but also for DMCA.
  2. Future of the culture within SL:
    There was already an evolution on that a long time before I even knew that there was something like SL. There are more 'rules' and 'guidelines' popping up and the anarchy is getting less. I see snobby people who aren't welcoming new Residents anymore. I had the impression that there were less of them when I was 'young' though that might just be my subjective point of view. I don't know how stuff will evolve. Really no idea. We'll see.
  3. "my" future in SL:
    I hope it will stay as it is. Since I love my SL...
--Zai signature.png Lynch (talk|contribs) 21:22, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

I am fascinated by the potential scope of the open sim future. Having an integrated web of worlds connected by a common theme would/will be awesome when/if the system allows for the transferrence of more than only identity. The idea that any user can have their own world that any other user can in a quick TP visit and use without requiring the download of a specific viewer will produce an amazing interverse. i am looking into open sim at the minute but find it to be extremely complicated. Hopefully people with far greater knowledge of programming than myself will bring it all together soon.

On the point of snobbyness you mentioned I am afraid I have experienced it myself and have been disgusted. The first few days in SL are immensely confusing for an English speaker and I have met many "noob" foreigners who are sadly ignored by residents because of the awkwardness of communication. I always make what effort I can and state in my profile that I have a translator and am willing to use it. But there do appear to be many who are content to push aside or ignore the "noobs". I am hoping to join the mentor scheme as soon as it is reopened for new applicants (that itself gives me some hope, there are it seems already too many willing mentors out there somewhere).

It is an unfortunate fact of human (animal) nature that when large groups form that work together (even sporadically) rules and regulations are enevatable. And any system that works under governance is doomed to stagnate or suffer rebellion. I am however glad that total anarchy is not allowed (sounds strange coming from an anarchist but...) since there are many people to whom the idea of non-hypocritical anarchy is lost (I can do whatever I choose so long as I don't disallow you from doing what you choose). Having arbitrators and administrators in the form of LL support and operatives is a blessing in this respect.

I too love my second life and in fact it has improved my first no end. I am however exited by the future and hope it does change. Evolution of any system or idea is ultimately healthier than maintaining the equilibrium since although SL is a technological world the people in it are subject to the same effects of RL as they are in RL; new people come, old people go and nothing thus can stay the same without dissatisfaction setting in. -- Eddy (talk|contribs) 07:45, 7 June 2009 (UTC)