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Specific to me



Useful pages

  • Special:Random - Directs to a random page on the wikings
  • Submitting_code - Info on how to submit code as well as the proper way to create a patch
  • Office Hours - A listing of all the Lindens' Office Hours


/sandbox - an internal sandbox I use to test various wiki specific changes.

/testbed - For posting my experimental ideas including scripts, scraps of code, etc... --- USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

Free Scripts

Some scripts that I have written that I am freely releasing

Quick and Dirty chat repeater

Repeats whatever you say on a user definable channel on channel 0 (public chat), also added commented out info on how to make it shout or whisper as well as say


// Coded by Gordon Wendt, free to reuse, snip, recode, give away, or use in derivative works for all perpetuity, all I ask is that you leave this notice intact, add your name below mine if you add something to the code, and leave this and any other creator's notice intact

// ----- // GORDON WENDT


// Change the object name to whatever you want the message to be prefixed by, replace with a single space to make object name appear blank, though message will still have a semicolon (:) before it

integer chan = 5; // replace with whatever channel number you want the object to listen on

default {

       llListen(chan,"","",""); // sets the listen so that object listens to says on that channel
   listen(integer channel,string name,key id,string message)
       llSay(0,message); // says whatever it heard on channel 5 in channel 0 which is the standard general chat
     // to use these instead of llSay put two forward slashes (//) before llSay and remove the two slashes from oen of the lines below, to reverse just re-add the slashes to that line and remove the ones from the llSay line
     //  llShout(0,message); // if you'd prefer it to shout
     //  llWhisper(0,message); // if you'd prefer it to whisper



Free code snippets

A couple of code snippets I"m freely releasing for anyone to use

Naming Trick

A cheap little trick to make the object name on the way the script name then change the object name back


          a = llGetObjectName(); // grabs the current object name and stores it so it can be restored later
          llSetObjectName(llGetScriptName() ); // changes the object name to the script name ( see advanced use for more info)
          llOwnerSay("this is the test statement"); // your test statement, said with the name of the script name
          llSetObjectName(a);// changes the object name back to what it originally was
          // ADVANCED USE: change llGetScriptName() to a string of text (surrounded by quotes ("") or just change the script name