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May 10th 2006
Just another resident
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"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

-Walt Disney

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Specific to me


Meetings I try to attend

Useful pages


/sandbox - an internal sandbox I use to test various wiki specific changes.

/testbed - For posting my experimental ideas including scripts, scraps of code, etc... --- USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

Free Scripts

Some scripts that I have written that I am freely releasing

Quick and Dirty chat repeater

Repeats whatever you say on a user definable channel on channel 0 (public chat), also added commented out info on how to make it shout or whisper as well as say


// Coded by Gordon Wendt, free to reuse, snip, recode, give away, or use in derivative works for all perpetuity, all I ask is that you leave this notice intact, add your name below mine if you add something to the code, and leave this and any other creator's notice intact

// ----- // GORDON WENDT


// Change the object name to whatever you want the message to be prefixed by, replace with a single space to make object name appear blank, though message will still have a semicolon (:) before it

integer chan = 5; // replace with whatever channel number you want the object to listen on

default {

       llListen(chan,"","",""); // sets the listen so that object listens to says on that channel
   listen(integer channel,string name,key id,string message)
       llSay(0,message); // says whatever it heard on channel 5 in channel 0 which is the standard general chat
     // to use these instead of llSay put two forward slashes (//) before llSay and remove the two slashes from oen of the lines below, to reverse just re-add the slashes to that line and remove the ones from the llSay line
     //  llShout(0,message); // if you'd prefer it to shout
     //  llWhisper(0,message); // if you'd prefer it to whisper



Free code snippets

A couple of code snippets I"m freely releasing for anyone to use

Naming Trick

A cheap little trick to make the object name on the way the script name then change the object name back


          a = llGetObjectName(); // grabs the current object name and stores it so it can be restored later
          llSetObjectName(llGetScriptName() ); // changes the object name to the script name ( see advanced use for more info)
          llOwnerSay("this is the test statement"); // your test statement, said with the name of the script name
          llSetObjectName(a);// changes the object name back to what it originally was
          // ADVANCED USE: change llGetScriptName() to a string of text (surrounded by quotes ("") or just change the script name