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Wed 5th Oct 2005
Tragically Scatter-Brained Vixen
  • Began learning to script after four days in SL.
  • JIRA contributor since it was introduced.


Real Life

Haravikk Mistral, or just Haravikk outside of Second Life, is a Master of Engineering with Merit in Computer Science, and currently lives in central Scotland. Interests are mostly computer-related, including a strong love for programming, as well as some experience in business. Programming knowledge includes:


Haravikk Mistral has been a Second Life Resident since 5th September 2005. Since joining Second Life Haravikk has been active in the Furry community, including popular places such as Furnation. After quickly learning to build and script Haravikk began producing a number of popular scripted items, as well as open-source scripting projects.

Haravikk frequently is seen wearing a self-styled Renamon-based avatar, a character referred to as Renara due to the different markings and other customisations. As a result of adopting Renara as an avatar, Haravikk typically wears the female form of the avatar, but is in actuality male.


Haravikk Mistral is an active community participant, and can be seen regularly posting in the Second Forums.

JIRA Reporter

Haravikk Mistral is an active participant of the Second Life JIRA, posting feature requests/bugs and spending some time helping with misfiled/duplicated issues.

Key Issues


   Multiple attachments per attachment point
   Viewer 2.0/Snowstorm IM improvements
   Minimising interface clutter for Viewer 2.0/Snowstorm



   Create a new position for a dedicated script features developer
   llStartAnimationSynced() - start an animation synchronised with a given timestamp
   llSetSyncTime() - a function for synchronising client side effects
   Viewer scripts
   llRequestAgentKey() (llName2Key())
   3D Permission Zones (Privacy Zones)
   agent_info() event



Haravikk Mistral specialises in scripting within the Second Life community, and is usually working on a number of scripting projects at any one time. Below are some useful code snippets or scripts that others may find useful in their own projects. Check back regularly as these are constantly being added to!

Useful Functions

Useful Scripts