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My name is Iridium Linden, and I am an Associate Community Manager working on the Community Initiatives Team.

I Love:

  • All things JIRA
  • All things Teen Grid
  • All things Campus
  • All things Event-like
  • All things Resident-related (cause Residents rock)
  • All things Newslettery
  • All things chocolate
  • All things Power Ranger

What do I do?

  • I aggregate your feedback on the blog, forums, wiki, JIRA, etc.
  • I work with Residents to create wikkidly kewl events in SL.
  • I work with educators in SL through Campus: Second Life and Campus: Teen Second Life.
  • I manage the Newsletter (as of July 2007).
  • I work with Glenn on SL Certification and other goodies.
  • I do tonz of other things that I'm not at liberty to talk about, hehe.

How do you find me?

Contact me in-world, of course. I'm always around. Or email me: