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Average Joe. Application Architect.

Dreams of working for Linden Labs but has a job he loves. Started in SecondLife when it was a mere infant, forgot about it for awhile, and returned amazed at the 2 years of progress.

After a year of explaining to my wife that the adult equiptment I was attached to was for a scripting contract and not what I spend my time doing I finaly got her to sign up. Her name is Joy Bellman, feel free to say hello. She now spends more time in SecondLife than I do, and jokes because she is now making more money than I.

I spend much of my time coding contracts for others, but have some really neat products that I will be releasing soon.

Our current home is in Chiron, and we welcome all visitors and love to help people on their new found enlightenment.

--James Udal 15:46, 31 January 2007 (PST)