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Since QuickTime 7, it is possible to deliver multichannel audio. Second Life streamed audio relies on QuickTime and inherits this capability without further work.

Producing a multichannel audio movie

We are using ProTools. Export a multichannel track (ou bounce a multichannel master fader) to multimono files. Here is an example with a 5.1 (L C R Ls Rs Lf) track and the six mono files you get.

PT Multichannel Track.png PT Multimono Files.png

In QuickTime Pro, create a new movie then import the six mono files. You have to open each of the six tracks, select all, "Add to Movie" with playhead at start. Tedious, but we will come with a better solution soon. Now, "Show Movie Properties" then "Audio Settings".

QT Audio Tracks Assign.png

Assign carefully each track. Note that you can see the original filenames in the "Resources" tab.

Mapping between QuickTime and industry-standard labeling

Mono Stereo Cinema Stereo Quadraphonic Dolby ProLogic Film (Dolby Digital) SMPTE/ITU DTS Dolby Surround EX SDDS
Left L x
Right R x
Center C x
LFE Screen LFE
Left Surround Ls
Right Surround Rs
Left Center Lc
Right Center Rc
Center Surround Cs
Rear Surround Left Lr
Rear Surround Right Rr

NOTE: delete Image:Jef Kelley Images QT Audio Tracks Assign.png (stupid one)