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;SL Public Land Preserve
;SL Public Land Preserve
;Foundation for Rich Content
;Foundation for Rich Content
== SOME PLACES TO FIND ME: (always needing to be updated)==
[http://jurinjuran.blogspot.com/ Jurin Juran]
[http://jurinjuran.blogspot.com/ Jurin Juran]
[http://blackwatergallery.blogspot.com/ Blackwater Gallery in SL]  
[http://blackwatergallery.blogspot.com/ Blackwater Gallery in SL]  

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Second Life Mentor
Metaverse Mentor
Metaverse Mentor Manager
Orientation Station Sponsor
Sponsor Lanercost Neighborhood
Curator Blackwater Gallery
Officer Rezzable Creators
Women Metaverse Developers
Build Volunteer for Non-Profits


Arbor Project
Second Jam
SL Public Land Preserve
Foundation for Rich Content

SOME PLACES TO FIND ME: (always needing to be updated)

Jurin Juran Blackwater Gallery in SL Jurin Juran BlogHud Jurin Juran Live Space Jurin Juran Tumblr Jurin Juran on Wordpress Jurin on Vox Jurin Juran Flickr Snapzilla Jurin Juran Del.icio.us Jurin Juran Technorati Jurin Juran Twitter Jurin Juran at Serious Games Jurin Juran on Digg Jurin Juran on Furl Jurin Juran on Onxiam Jurin Juran on Razoo 3D Worlds & Virtual Reality Better World Island Giving 2.0 Jurin at Ning Network Creators Second Life Builders + Designers Network Who's Who in Virtual Worlds Rezzed.net Participate.net my BlogLog Jurin Juran at Second Life Jurin Juran on Yahoo Jurin Juran's AIM Page Jurin on Virtual Worlds Connect SL Profiles 43 Things about Jurin Juran Jurin Juran on Facebook Jurin Juran on MySpace Jurin Juran on Ning Jurin Juran Video Jurin Juran on Ustream.tv Jurin Juran on YouTube