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(New Features)
(Bugs: Removed SVC-6549 (managed to get Andrew Linden to pick it up and investigate/fix))
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== Issues To Triage ==
== Issues To Triage ==
=== Bugs ===
=== Bugs ===
{{jira|SVC-6549}} - [[llSetStatus]] can't change [[STATUS_PHYSICS]] of an attachment despite the status being preserved between attach & drop - 0 votes - [[User:Haravikk Mistral|Haravikk Mistral]]
=== New Features ===
=== New Features ===

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Every other Monday at Kelly's office hours we will hold a Scripting jira triage. If you have an issue you would like discussed, please add it to the end of the issue triage list below. Please add a single line for each jira with:
your avatar name, jira id, jira subject


  • Delete all issues in "Triaged Last Time"
  • Discuss the issues one at a time from top to bottom
  • After discussing the issue I will set the 'last triaged' field, change status if appropriate and comment on the issue
  • Move the triaged issue down to the "Triaged Last Week" category.

Issues To Triage


New Features

Triaged Last Time

Triaged Previously