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| An LSL function that returns a string containing the current regions tile URL
| An LSL function that returns a string containing the current regions tile URL
=Code Snippets=
==Simple Stupid Slide Show==
Dumb slide show: simply rez a cube, throw in the script and textures and instant slide show.  Ya, boring isn't it?
integer Face = 2;
float Delay = 25.0;
list Textures;
integer TextureNum;
    Textures = [];
    integer NumTextures = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE);
        Textures += llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, NumTextures);
    llOwnerSay("Loaded Textures: " + llDumpList2String(Textures, ", "));
    changed(integer change)
        if(change & CHANGED_INVENTORY)
        llSetTexture(llList2String(Textures, TextureNum), Face);
        if(++TextureNum >= llGetListLength(Textures))
            TextureNum = 0;
==SLURL Raster Image URL Generator==
I was rather interested in the raster images provided within SL and SLURL.com so I decided to figure out how to replicate it in such a way that it could be incorporated into tools and/or services outside the standard fair offered by Linden Labs.
string MapTileURL()
    vector TilePos = llGetRegionCorner();
    //tiles are in a grid based on the regions, so 256m = 1 tile
    TilePos /= 256.0;
    //offset provided in the javascript, really 1278 + 1 (probably 0 -> 1 index difference?)
    TilePos.y = 1279.0 - TilePos.y;
    //should look like http://secondlife.com/apps/mapapi/grid/map_image/x-y-zoom-0
    string mapURL = "http://secondlife.com/apps/mapapi/grid/map_image/";
    mapURL += (string) llFloor(TilePos.x);
    mapURL += "-";
    mapURL += (string) llFloor(TilePos.y);
    //the 3rd value is something to do with zoom
    mapURL += "-1-0";
    return mapURL;

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For all intentions this is a dumping ground of information that might be useful. All the information found here is free to use however you wish with no limitations.

Projects Description
Apocalypse HUD A modular tool designed to reduce code reproduction and provide the shortest path available for a given task. Thus it is fast and highly scalable by design.
n2k.AppSpot A project aiming to make a name2key and key2name service via Google's App Engine that utilizes the Second Life Search rather than storing keys within a database.

Scripts Description
Simple Slide Show Throw in the textures and it will automatically rotate through them.
Map Tile URL An LSL function that returns a string containing the current regions tile URL