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Code Snippets

Non Destructive Face Finder

I wrote this in a minute or so and it seems pretty useful. Should be helpful for anyone wanting to find the face value in LSL.

<lsl> integer NumSides; integer NextSide;

default {

       NumSides = llGetNumberOfSides();
   touch_start(integer total_number)
       vector CurrentColor = llGetColor(NextSide);
       llSetColor(<1,0,0>, NextSide);
       llOwnerSay("Turning side " + (string) NextSide);
       llSetColor(CurrentColor, NextSide);
       if(++NextSide >= NumSides)
           NextSide = 0;

} </lsl>

Simple Stupid Slide Show

Dumb slide show: simply rez a cube, throw in the script and textures and instant slide show. Ya, boring isn't it?

<lsl> integer Face = 2; float Delay = 25.0;

list Textures; integer TextureNum;

BuildDB() {

   Textures = [];
   integer NumTextures = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE);
       Textures += llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, NumTextures);
   llOwnerSay("Loaded Textures: " + llDumpList2String(Textures, ", "));


default {

   changed(integer change)
       if(change & CHANGED_INVENTORY)
       llSetTexture(llList2String(Textures, TextureNum), Face);
       if(++TextureNum >= llGetListLength(Textures))
           TextureNum = 0;

} </lsl>

SLURL Raster Image URL Generator

I was rather interested in the raster images provided within SL and so I decided to figure out how to replicate it in such a way that it could be incorporated into tools and/or services outside the standard fair offered by Linden Labs. At some point I may rewrite it to use PHP or offer tips to incorporate it into something like the WMS provider in MapGuide.


//grab the region coordinates and store them

//1 Tile = 256m
$TilePos = $RegionPos/256.0;

//Fix the offset in the service
$TilePos.y = 1279.0 - $TilePos.y;

//genrate the URL, the 0 on the end may be a switch for gif/png, need to read up more on the SL map API
$mapURL = "" \
  + Floor($TilePos.x) + "-" + Floor($TilePos.y) + "-1-0"


<lsl> //SLURL Tile URL Generator - By Kerik Rau

//Based on the javascript from, merely an adaptation in LSL //It should only take a minute or 2 to export this into PHP or other languages

//SLURL uses WMS, I still want to look at incorporating it into something like Mapguide //I will need to look at the implementation to see if this would be easy or a pain

vector genTileVec(vector RegPos) {

   //tiles are in a grid based on the regions, so 256m = 1 tile
   RegPos /= 256.0;
   //offset provided in the javascript, really 1278 + 1 (probably 0 -> 1 index difference?)
   RegPos.y = 1279.0 - RegPos.y;
   return RegPos;


string genMapURL() {

   vector TilePos = genTileVec(llGetRegionCorner());
   //should look like
   string mapURL = "";
   mapURL += (string) llFloor(TilePos.x);
   mapURL += "-";
   mapURL += (string) llFloor(TilePos.y);
   //the 3rd value is something to do with zoom, but only 1 seems to work with this
   //the 4th value is undefined, omitting it works but I leave it in to match SLURL
   mapURL += "-1-0";
   return mapURL;


default {

       llSetText("SLURL Raster Image URL Generator\nOpens the image of the current sim\n(in a browser)", <1,1,1>, 1);
   touch_start(integer numdet)
       integer i;
       for(i = 0; i < numdet; ++i)
           llLoadURL(llDetectedKey(i), "load this page to see the sim image", genMapURL());