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This service is designed to provide effortless name to key and the inverse conversions. It does so by utilizing web services that are readily available and acts as a proxy that strips things down to where they are easily usable within LSL (or any other application). It is hosted on Google's AppEngine, which means that it should easily scale with most demands placed on it.


The base url is

For name 2 key you append /n2k/ and add in the name of the person you want to look up.

For example:

(Note the + was added in to keep the URL in tact, you can use a space or %20 if you prefer)


n2k - The service under most conditions will return only the key or nothing at all. To verify this you could check to see if the length is 36 characters as that will eliminate any stack traces or other oddities that might come through.


The Key 2 Name portion of the site has not yet been written.