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About me


I am from Germany, speaking german, english and french. All good enough to do the basic translation stuff and help avoiding babbler confusion.

I love to mentor and I am very thankful to all the people that pushed me into it. You can find me doing Orientation session in german, mentoring on some of the OI or wherever needed. Always feel free to ask for help, I am good with the UI and got more than the basics in building and texturing but better refrain from asking me for any script-related stuff.

If you still feel confused with all the mentor related stuff or want to fresh up your mentor knowledge pass by by one of my orientation sessions, or, if not comfortable with german, just IM me.

Besides being a mentor I am a Bus - Hostess. I took a little part in the creation of a book in german about SecondLife "Mit dem Bus durch SecondLife" (Touring SL by bus), published in autumn 2007. To keep the book up to date, there is a Blog with regular updates on all aspects of SecondLife. It´s in german but really, really worth a visit.

Useful links

Those are links I use when I am searching for answers: