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How to build the viewer with cmake

This page represents some notes of mine for building the viewer via cmake. The process under linux is trivial but under windows it is slightly more involved (but not really that bad at all). If you've only ever been used to starting with a Visual Studio project file then the cmake steps may seem a little strange at first but its a great system for ensuring that radically different build environments start from the same "control" files.

Prerequisites for windows

  • cmake (well duh!)
  • Python
  • bison and flex (from cygwin)
  • DirectX SDK (Microsoft DirectX SDK (December 2006))
  • Quicktime SDK
  • openssl SDK

Get cmake from Download and install the setup executable

Get python from

When installing cmake and python, its important to allow the commands to be addded to the system path. Both installers give an option for this towards the end of the installation. (On my system i needed to select for current user only as for all users (silently) failed to work).

Get cygwin from

When you get to the package choice make sure you select bison and flex, they are under development tools.

Get DirectX SDK December 2006 from Microsoft DirectX Dec 2006 SDK

Warning 448MB

Get Quicktime SDK from Apple

Openssl SDK

Not sure why this is not packaged with the viewer, need to verifiy and or file a JIRA. Some windows packages are avaiable which may be a better solution. Work to do