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White Islands Quest
White Islands Quest
=== Linden Homes sims and transitionals ==
=== Linden Homes sims and transitionals ===
I made a few transitional sims with builds I hope fit in with the character of the area.
I made a few transitional sims with builds I hope fit in with the character of the area.

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Hello World!

I have been working as a Mole in the Linden Department for Public Works for four years. Apart from building, I specialize in music and writing.

Things I have done

It hadn't occurred to me, until I saw Torley's wiki video, that I could have been using the wiki to document what I have done in world.

I've worked on a couple of the big projects, I've made quite a lot of objects and I've composed music for quite a few things too. I'll make a list and then add SLUrls as I come across them.

I'd been in Second Life since 2004, and so I was already experienced by the time I worked on my first big Mole project, Nautilus continent. I don't think I can remember the projects in date order, so I think I will add them in alphabetical order.

Coastal Waterways

I love working on coastal waterways sims. They are an opportunity to use one's imagination and build a little world. They are usually homestead sims, so don't have so many prims to play with.

White Islands Quest

Linden Homes sims and transitionals

I made a few transitional sims with builds I hope fit in with the character of the area.

Linden Realms

I worked on Linden Realms, and built and helped to project manage the mole work on it, but the thing I am proudest of is the music, which I wrote specially. I sometimes wonder if anyone realizes that there is music!

Memorial sims

I did miles of pathways for the memorial sims, but also some of the builds, and I wrote some music. We have recently been building there again for the very sad reason that we lost Hyper Mole recently, and I find the sims very calm and peaceful. Garden and the others are making a special place for Hyper.


I made a few of the special interest areas, and some of the clutter, but the things I liked the most were the Nautilus lamps and the wisteria in a pot.

My journal of wikiness

10 December, 2012... I wrote an article with the help of Crazy Mole on the subject of Making Mesh Physics, and I have just added the text to the wiki page. I am starting to edit the pages on the wiki, forgive me if I make mistakes, I am learning the wiki conventions and layout as I go along. I plan to experiment here. I'm finding it difficult to work out the convention on linking to other articles on the wiki. Can anyone help me out? I've been looking all over for a simple explanation!

I noted in the course of writing the Mesh and Physics article that several of the mesh articles could do with revision, and we need some extras to explain that phantoming an object doesn't remove it from the server... so I am going to do through and add those things too. Being able to link properly would be very useful. I am trying to follow the conventions, but I am surprised that there aren't straight instructions somewhere. Am I being dense and missing the obvious instructions...?

I added a little detail to the physics optimization page.

I have moved the great mesh basics explanation written by Sylvan to a new mesh background information page. I have added basic steps to the bottom of that. I took out the detail on mesh creation tools as there is already a page about it, and instead linked to it. I removed it from the Mesh and LOD page.

Added information about Physics Optimization to phantom, phantom objects.

That's it for today. Writing a new article on Walkability Coefficients next.