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(Permissions on Textures and Sculpt Map Textures.)
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Will texture and sculpt map creators ever be given a permission system that will prevent the end user from redistribution and/or extraction out of the secondlife.com platform?
Inworld meetings: see [[Content_Creation/Mesh_Import/Scripting_User_Group]].
Textures "have" to be sold full perm to allow the customer to use them in commercial content creation ie: No Transfer texture renders any prim (and linked prims) also no transfer.
This causes a massive misunderstanding about what people can do with an artists work.
Textures need to be able to be sold as "No Transfer As Texture File" (or something similar) which will not stop people from using them in content they wish to sell but will prevent people from reselling/sharing/exporting out of Second Life.

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Inworld meetings: see Content_Creation/Mesh_Import/Scripting_User_Group.