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Mesh Team's Office Hours Agenda

Office hours are on Mondays at 11 AM in Pacific time (SL standard time) located on the beta grid (Aditi) in Mesh HQ 1 at: Mesh HQ on Aditi

Topics are focused on anything related to the mesh import project. Feature requests, bug reports, design feedback, questions, comments, or example content are welcome.

Please add topics for discussion / agenda items to the end of the list below prior to 10:50 AM. Priority will be given to topics that are posted in advance and are relevant to the goals of the office hour. Feel free to include relevant links to JIRA or wiki pages. Contact Nyx Linden, Runitai Linden, or Charlar Linden if you are unsure if your topic is relevant or appropriate.

Archived agendas can be found at the agenda archive.

Next meeting scheduled for: February 14, 2011.


February 14, 2011

  1. Plan on moving to the current Mesh View build; Plans for older mesh content on Aditi in the coming month - charlar
  2. What is the license of the Collada file made from the avatar OBJ file?
  3. Any estimate when we will see API Documentation for uploading of content ? (Sculpties or meshes or even regular prims)
  4. Upload pricing finalized yet? Subscription based?
  5. Release date? Or at least an indication? Over a month? Over three months?
  6. Using a project timeline rather than a time-based timeline, where does the custom skeleton project sit? Immediately after meshes? With two or three other projects in front of it? Is it a high priority?

What is the simplification process in the physics tab for? Does it work on objects with holes? - Asha

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