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Nyx Linden's Office Hours Agenda

Office hours are on Wednesdays at Noon in Pacific time (SL standard time) located in Borrowdale at:

Topics are focused on avatars, content creation efficiency, content creation tools and methods, rendering issues, and many related random topics.

Please add topics for discussion / agenda items to the end of the list below prior to 11:50 AM. Priority will be given to topics that are posted in advance and are relevant to the goals of the office hour. Feel free to include relevant links to JIRA or wiki pages. Contact Nyx Linden if you are unsure if your topic is relevant or appropriate.

Archived agendas can be found at the agenda archive.

Next meeting scheduled for: August 5, 2009.


August 05, 2009

  1. Avatar - bugs or 'by design' ? Deformed avatar Break in avatar body creating strange "joint" Ellla McMahon 18:01, 4 August 2009 (UTC)
  2. Client plugins via gridproxy. Would it be possible to register external event handlers with the client so gridproxy isn't needed? What kind of events would be available? Security? Etc. Saijanai 17:50, 5 August 2009 (UTC)
  3. camera bugs; VEHICLE_FLAG_DECOUPLED_CAMERA fails on nonphysical objects it seems
  4. The "Reference" selection in the Ruler dropdown in edit seems to be highly contingent on a number of factors including linked set issues, Edit Linked prims, whether one is in the Position, Stretch or Rotate mode, etc. But even when dealing with a single prim, often the drop down does not work, without deselecting and reselecting the prim several times. CTRL G is equally inconsistent to make the choice.
  5. Implement ability to turn the avatar to face a given position