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This is some JIRA stuff I'm currently focusing on. Mostly a personal scrapbook page.

UI (User Interface)


feature requests

Most of these suggestions come from other Second Life users. Sorry, not able to give 'credits' here

  • option to show my own messages on Home
  • basic text formatting (bold, italic at least)
  • something against Interests spam. Spam examples
  • option to hide from my profile a post I left on other users' profiles. Details
  • on FB when you [..?..] a link, you get either a picture (if it was a picture link) or the link to the website with a preview when it was a normal URL, in the post
  • "inverse" cross-posting: *from* Twitter / Plurk / etc. *to* the feed
  • better link to Flickr so that pictures you post can show up on the feed, if you want it to
  • "It would also be nice to have a separate 'feed only' friends list so that everyone you wanted to friend on here wasn't necessarily on your friends list in SL. Or conversely a way to organize friends in SL so that you could have a friends and an acquaintances list"
  • option to mute a post (maybe already implemented?)
  • option to edit a post or a comment
  • mobile theme
  • add Undo or Confirm? message to removal of posts/threads/comments
  • feed in the sidebar inworld - at the profile tab. Mockup
  • group chat - Maybe even a new kind of group that does not take a Second Life group slot
  • option to send snapshots to your feed from the viewer
  • IM is still the only way so far to share stuff with just one person. It looks like everything here goes into one big pile to all friends.
  • more interests (30 - 50)
  • @-replies: 1) start a replying by writing '@' 2) then start typing name of another SL user 3) autosuggestions for names appear 4) hit 'Tab' to autocomplete 5) SL user name is inserted and it is clickable (link leads to user profile).
  • A way to post what I share to my profile stream on my blog
  • an RSS feed of our feed posts and "home" feeds. That way we could use existing rss-to-blog or rss-to-twitter software

new features




persistency of settings / logs

Linux misc

Also see > Social > (Linux) Login Screen: direct teleport to suggested locations broken when region name has 2 or more words


textures loading

  • Meta-Issue: Poor texture loading and freezes indicate larger chain of bugs: small texture not loaded. Texture frequently shows grey when running script that cycles thru 5 textures with a llSleep(1.3) between each. Using "texture name" and storing the five textures in CONTENTS fails the same as using the UUID of the texture. Running the same script as above but on a regular prim (instead of a sculpt) and with a sleep of 10 seconds between each texture change – produces similar failure. (Texture shows as grey or blurred on ocassions but frequently enough).

test plans

meta issues

Durante lo Scrum Daily Meeting di oggi (4 May 2011), Grumpity e Oz hanno spiegato che a lungo andare i Meta Issues diventano inutili per Linden Lab. A differenza di un crash bug che può venire affrontato, risolto e chiuso, i Meta Issues rimangono aperti indefinitamente. [Meta Issues have limited long-term value to Linden Lab]

presi in considerazione, fix pending, etc