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"It is I, Captain Vegetable, with my car-rot, and my celery!" -- Captain Vegetable, Sesame Street.

I've run a number of my own MediaWiki (the engine that drives this Wiki, among other Wikis on the net) implementations, have my own very minor vanity web site, and work in Information Technology at a large Staffing company in the U.S. with markets also in Canada, the EU, China and India.

In first life as in Second Life, I live as a gender activist (though do not put a lot of energy into it at work, for obvious reasons). I have avatars of all shapes and sizes, genders and species. I like to have fun with the shapes available on Second Life, and would be happy to help out with that (as with other things). I'm a recent graduate of Mentor Orientation, so I may be found to be explicitly helpful to others on Second Life. If you've got a question, ask away!

I have some minor experience in building and scripting on Second Life, much more in 1st life and in other computer systems (online and off), but am game to try things out and be as helpful as I can.

It is my thinking that at some point I may also be helpful to the Volunteer Mentor organization as a Mentor Scribe, as I excel in organizing and maintaining information.