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Pooky Amsterdam is the avatar behind The 1st Question, The Quiz Show To The Stars, which broadcasts live on Tuesday nights at 7PM PDT on SLCN. Originator, Host, Writer and Producer, The 1st QuestioN! represents the first show in what will be an expanding galaxy of real time viewer log in entertainment. The 1st QuestioN! has a science theme within it as people, both on panel and in audience, are challenged to both educate and learn throughout the hour of the fun fact based and richly paced show. Panelists represent the best & brightest SecondLife has to offer. Produced in the Scilands it takes place in the StudioDome.

The show took the Bronze for Best Series in this years Online Machinima Film Festival.

Pooky believes this is the Golden Age of the Internet, and the possibilities for live "TV" and original content production of the entertainment kind are incredible, unique and valuable. Pooky creates opportunities where great human achievement is recognized and celebrated. Real time audience interaction is part of the show, The 1st QuestioN!

Another show Pooky is producing is The Dating Casino. This show combines a dating kind of fast paced question and match up with the contestants, as well as formidable insight into what people really desire from each other. Included are Flirtrage and What Women Know. She also sees how branding of these shows will contribute to the business model of online entertainment.

Pooky is available for consultation on entertainment venues, writing of show scripts and is an expert producer with 6 years plus of virtual world expertise in this field.