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Hello, Avatar!

I'm Prad Prathivi - a humble minion within the Second Life virtu-sphere. Known to close friends simply as Fifi (or "OMG.. not you again).

In world, I used to be manager of the now closed Three Lions Pub at Bourton Village. Many of the earlier pictures from the photostream can be seen there. Since then, I have built a new venue called the Crown and Pearl, which has proved to be a popular spot for many an SL resident =)

I own my own company (along with my SL sister) called PRrim Designs, specialising in high quality, contemporary design, furniture and a lot of other stuff too! Our work has been acclaimed in SL and RL media, and we're constantly working to break new frontiers and continue to make Second Life look even better through our work.

I'm starting with fashion design, producing men's and women's clothing, as well as jewellery and accessories. I'm also a DJ in world, and I occassionally do the odd modelling job. I've also recently started making machinima films!

It's not really as exciting as it all sounds though.. ;)