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Jack Linden: hey everyone

Uni Ninetails: kinda like boxing in your blokey in the sims and letting it starve

Yann Dufaux: hi Jack, bienvenue/welcome ㋡

Timo Daehlie: hello jack .. please sit down

xstorm Radek: hi Jack im going to have to pick at you

Constantine Kyomoon: Hi Jack

Jack Linden: just keeping you on your toes Qie

CharleneTrudeau Lorefield: hi Jack

Talarus Luan: He didn't sneak up on me. I have a specter detector. :D

Uni Ninetails: Jack hello

Marianne McCann: Hey Jack

Praetor Janus: Greetings Jack

Yann Dufaux: how are you Jack? ㋡

Laddie Sutter: hi

Qie Niangao counts his toes.

Kyrion Yalin: greetings

Jack Linden: i'm very well Yann, thanks for asking!

Timo Daehlie: Jack .. some weeks ago you told me that when people have lost land to a bot your office will look at the tickets and investigate. I gave you a number and one of your staff members made a refund to the person involved. Thanks for that, but i still think it was incidental cause this bot owner continues with the same methods like nothings was happened. This week several more cases happened (#4051-675936 & #4051-6753616 (tip of the iceberg)), with the same bot involved (Super Freak Ninja Chicks) and we encouraged the "victims" to write a ticket. The strange thing is that your G-Team just tells people to solve it themselves ( ticket nr 4051-675936). How is it possible that you tell me during your office hours that cases get solved, you even told me you solve them yourselve, while your staff tells people to solve it themselves ? I have serious doubts you really have investigated/are investigating this bot owner cause it is "stealing" land this way for over a year, despite the many tickets and complaints t

Jack Linden: whoosh!

Uni Ninetails: woooah *reads

Timo Daehlie: I quote you from your blog post about landbots : Responsible use of Land Bots is acceptable for now, but overuse will result in further action. Do you think it is responsible to quickly sell/flip land you have bought for L$ 1 at bottom rates ? With the knowledge people made a mistake since they are begging you in IM to undo the mistake. I personally think that if you guys want to run a community you should care about it, or at least give people the feeling you do. Cause of this bot and the lack of reaction people do leave sl.

And now i dont even talking about the same bot pulling mainland rates down as long as it can replace its tier with new land bought by it bots. Price list manipulation ?

Timo Daehlie: the neverending sfnc story ..

Talarus Luan: Can't tell he had that one prepared, could ya? :P

xstorm Radek: *GIGGLES* :)

Timo Daehlie: i got 12 fingers tal ;P

Laddie Sutter: lol

Talarus Luan: 12 fingers, no waiting?

Jack Linden: Timo, you're either a super fast typist or i'm thinking you did some prep :)

Constantine Kyomoon: way to get the ball rolling, Timo!

Yann Dufaux: aw, i need coffeee to start my days of work ㋡

Timo Daehlie: Jack this issue bothers me and not only me ;))

Praetor Janus: Congrats Timo, clear and concise

Uni Ninetails: yup

Talarus Luan: I think the first message got cut off a bit at the end

Timo Daehlie: it is not from yesterday

xstorm Radek: he even used spell check it looks like

Jack Linden: It bothers me too Timo (amusingly my alt had this happen some time ago, which was no fun)

Ardy Lay: Hehe, that's the name of an agent I ejected.

Timo Daehlie: so we can expect any action ?

MonSeigneur Beresford: Talarus is right, play it again Timo :)

Talarus Luan: Nuuu!

Timo Yalin: well I saw this week many people, helpless peopel what lost their land. Sometimes really dramas. And its right it bothers me too. Without thinking aobout the other issues what causes from this "Super bot acts"

Timo Daehlie: ... despite the many tickets and complaints that were filed against it.

Jack Linden: When we get told about a clear swoop incident from a Bot, and we're told early enough we *do* try to unravel and fix the situation. If our agents haven't followed that then I'll be sure to send a reminder to the team. Where it gets tough is when the land has been sold on, reparcelled etc several times. Because undoing it means taking land from someone who probably did nothing wrong

xstorm Radek: eepp

Talarus Luan: Well, I think you need to approach it on the back end

Jack Linden: I'll go remind the team and make sure we're being really proactive on dealing with these

Timo Daehlie: it the same bot owner Jack .. for over a year

Talarus Luan: It's the same person/group

Talarus Luan: Time for a boot in the posterior

Timo Daehlie: you could have approached this person .. way back .. we dont tell you this for the first time

Jack Linden: Yeah, if we have someone who is repeatdely being a bad actor on how they handle this, then we should deal with that

Talarus Luan: Yep. It's time.

Techwolf Lupindo: Force tp this person here and ask him/her why he/she does that. :-)

Qie Niangao: either need to fix the bot owner or fix land-buying process, otherwise it's a hopeless workload issue, over and over

Jack Linden: timo, can you hurl all that at me in a notecard please.

Praetor Janus: and of course most of the people that lose land to bots are newbie’s. It's not a new user GOOD First experience Jack

CharleneTrudeau Lorefield: I once found out much later, that I was the person who bought land right after a flip... and I had long know the person it got snapped up from when her partner set it for $L 1 to be able to sell it to herself. Had I known, I'd have given it back to them, but they never contacted me. I found out months later in a passing convo, long after I'd resold it for a profit. I felt awful.

Timo Daehlie: i will ;)

Jack Linden: Techwolf! creative, like it!

Talarus Luan: It's obvious this person has figured out how to flip the land LONG before any ticket could possibly get looked at by LL

Jack Linden: Praetor, couldn't agree more.

Timo Daehlie: true Tal

Yann Dufaux: i hopes i don't have a ARs on my folders , because i have the same robot of the pictures ㋡

Yann Dufaux: hehe ㋡

MonSeigneur Beresford: easy, selling at 1.7 or 1.8 does it Talarus

Timo Daehlie: this bot also pulls rates down .. it wants to sell first so bot can replace with cheaper stolen land

Jack Linden: Charlene, that's tough :-(

Talarus Luan: So, the "we'll undo it if we catch it in time" route is not going to be effective at all.

Timo Daehlie: thats why land rates are at 1.8 nowawadys and many actions remain without a bid

Timo Daehlie: auctions

Praetor Janus: good point Timo

Talarus Luan: Well, that, and there is a glut of mainland which isn't going anywhere

Kyrion Yalin: JAck, when thje land has been sold you have the power to see if it was stollen, you just have to give it to the right ownner and take the money from the owner of the bot, plus a fee, to the one who bought it to the stealer. maybe this action stops the 'not so honest people'

Talarus Luan: ..and more being added every day

Yann Dufaux: Timos, i think the sell to 1l$ is bad ..

Timo Yalin: I followed the bot and tried to help several persons. The reaction was terrible. The bot owner didnt response. Sold the land fast to other dealers. The live chat told one guy to deal with the "buyer"

Timo Daehlie: it happens too many times Yann .. ;(

Jack Linden: Tal, it's not along term measure for sure, it doesn't scale. we're going to fix the way land is sold, it's on our roadmap to make it safe. Part of that will be to provide web tools to do it safely, and we may look at security options to stop bots from being able to purchase land autonomously

Yann Dufaux: its againts the second life economiy ..

Techwolf Lupindo: Default sould be $999999999, then they can set it down to selling price.

Talarus Luan: Well, in the meantime, you need to follow your policy and kick this particular bot off the grid.

Timo Daehlie: maybe it has a bunch of estates tal that makes it more complicated ;)

Talarus Luan: Because, in waiting probably at least another year for you to get around to fixing it on the back end means hundreds to thousands more plots scammed.

Jack Linden: Kyrion, we do often undo them like that.. but often the parcel has been split up, joined in different ways, sold to various innocent landowners.. that can all happen very fast and is very difficult to undo

Qie Niangao: well, set some traps for that bot with abandoned land.

Timo Yalin: Basicly I saw just one overactiong bot user, I think we all know how it was.

Timo Yalin: who*

Praetor Janus: I presume that the resident that operates the bot or bots is going against SL rules, so ... why not banning the criminal?? After a proper investigation, of course

Marianne McCann: Jack, first off, I hope you got my e-mail o mainland community stuff, and that it was at least somewhat useful. I'd love to know if there is any further movement on the Bay City infohub in Hau Koda and its issues?

Kyrion Yalin: Jack, don t tell me you cant join parcels, dont tell me you dont know how to calculate a racio to pay people

Talarus Luan: Well, bots aren't illegal, but when the policy says that scumming mis-set plots will be dealt with, one kinda expects that the person will be dealt with.

Kyrion Yalin: if you dont i can do it for you, Jack :P

Jack Linden: Qie, it's funny you mention that.. a few weeks ago we had a spike in search hits that loooked like land bot activity.. during investigating I set a parcel of Land for sale, but switched off resale at the god level. it got busy on that parcel very quickly

Talarus Luan: Not ignored waiting a year for a fix.

Jack Linden: It was interesting that along with bots, a lot of the people appearing in those first few seconds were actual people

Qie Niangao: hehehe. I *like* that, Jack. :)

Timo Daehlie: L$ 5 parcel ;)

Timo Yalin: hehe I saw this parcel .-)

Praetor Janus: not bots in itself Talarus, but I presume that this kind of use of bots must be

Jack Linden: haha did you see it Timo?

Timo Yalin: yes

Timo Yalin: I was there

Timo Daehlie: yeps ;)

Jack Linden: we got quite a crowd

Timo Daehlie: need to use Timo1 and Timo2 jack ;)

Timo Yalin: lol

Kyrion Yalin: and someone said i m Timo 3, but i ensure you, i m not

MonSeigneur Beresford: oh the famous mouse, sorry bot trap LOL, it's a good way to catch them in the act :)

Talarus Luan: Hey, maybe we can do that here right now. Set a 512sqm parcel under this very floor to sale for L$1 and turn off resale. :D

Talarus Luan: Have the bots join us.

Laddie Sutter: lol

MonSeigneur Beresford: lol

Jack Linden: back when i was a concierge we would sometimes set land for open sale. I once set one without realising people couldn't land on it, but the next parcel had its landing point inside a shed. it was amazing watching this shed fill up with 40+ avatars all clicking the ground and trying to buy the land

Praetor Janus: good idea Talarus

Uni Ninetails: rofl

Uni Ninetails: need to see that

Laddie Sutter: lol

Jack Linden: they just kept appearing in there

Techwolf Lupindo: Jack, I dare you to set a 512m to a dolloar and turn off resale, let make this OH really buzy. :-)

Jack Linden: arms and legs and heads stuck ouy

Talarus Luan: yeah, sounds like the hole-in-the-middle scam. ;)

Jack Linden: *out

Jack Linden: hehe techwolf

Uni Ninetails: go on jack do ittttt

Laddie Sutter: you know you want to

Ardy Lay: Jack, sounds like good fun.

Jack Linden: Tal, maybe if i lacked attendees one week.. but i'm not sure the conversation would be that great

Talarus Luan: Well, you said real people show up, too :D

Jack Linden: true true

Jack Linden: :)

Laddie Sutter: but the sotry would be classic

Talarus Luan: For the bots, we could dress them all up in various costumes and take pictures. :D

Qie Niangao: (but aren't all the real people with land searchbots already here? ) :p

Jack Linden: hehe Qie

Talarus Luan: Anyway, any chance of opening talks with this particular scummer?

Jack Linden: we'll look into the tickets that timo mentioned.. and take it from there

Talarus Luan: Well, it's a start.

Timo Yalin: thats good

Timo Daehlie: aye ;)

Talarus Luan: We'll keep reminding you, though. :)

Jack Linden: Tal, if you would, that would be super. :)

Talarus Luan: :P

Jack Linden: soo.. i had some items.. quick updates..

Marianne McCann: Update away!

Jack Linden: we have finally worked out exactly what the issue is with Hau Koda which gets so much traffic

Marianne McCann: Ooh!

Talarus Luan: THe last source of Avatar Glue on the grid?

Marianne McCann: And can it get fixed?

Jack Linden: so we have a bug to squish and a query to rework, but we now have a plan to fix it which is the main thing.

Marianne McCann: Tal - given the hub's design, likely airplane gllue

Talarus Luan: Hehe

Kyrion Yalin: Talking, wjat for, Talarus? There is more than a year he is operating. He had the time to learn what he is doing is not what people expect from him. He has been asked not to do it. what has he done? This scummer must be banned, that s all

Trouble Streeter: Jack, I work for Melody at Regent Estates and as you know, we're having awfulproblems with griefing.. and our Estate tools (return all objects, estate bans) do not work. We have offered to meet with the G-Team to find out how we can help you help us, by fixing those tools. Our offer to meet with the G Team has been denied. Why won't you guys meet so that we can find ways for us to help ourselves, rather than have to call you several times a day to clean up attacks that we should be able to manage ourselves, if we but only had the tools?

Jack Linden: it's on the slate.. and as soon as we get an engineer free enough to tackle it, we'll get that done

Marianne McCann: Any idea of an ETA? And will this mean that additional regions will not be assigned to that area for the overflow?

Jack Linden: Trouble.. that's on my update list.. let me talk to that now..

Trouble Streeter: thank you :)

Talarus Luan: Yeah, you're preaching to the choir, Kyrion, but there's a process here. A painfully slow, patience-of-Job-trying process, but a process nevertheless. >.>

Jack Linden: Marianne.. not sure.. will find out more over the next few days

Marianne McCann: okay, cool

Jack Linden: Last week i got many comments about badness in the estate tools. So we've kicked off some work to address that.. both in terms of fixing the broken stuff.. but also thinking about what else we can do

Talarus Luan: Badness as in bans not sticking?

Jack Linden: I want us to add a 'ban by account age' option.. so that estate owners can exclude new accounts if they wish to

Jack Linden: Would you guys think that worthwhile?

Ciaran Laval: No

Laddie Sutter: oh yea

Ciaran Laval: but I know why people think it will work

Laddie Sutter: tps

Uni Ninetails: no harm in having it

Trouble Streeter: that's our problem, Talarus... among many

Techwolf Lupindo: Jack, as an estate manager of one sim, I can't set it to allow public access or even to invite one person in. I can do everything BUT that. Please fix that. :-)

Trouble Streeter: and Jack, that would be fantastic

Ciaran Laval: Griefers will just wait it out

Marianne McCann: Definitely

Kyrion Yalin: Unhappylly i hear about a process, there is more than a year i hear about a process Talarus, but is a never ending process

Jack Linden: Techwolf.. that's on my list too

Jack Linden: Along with letting EMs use the terrain tool

Uni Ninetails: raw files.

Talarus Luan: Yeah, that's the painfully slow, patience-of-Job-trying part. :-/

Jack Linden: Raw file fixes are coming.

Jack Linden: We've already done some work there

Techwolf Lupindo: Jack, +1 to allow access if account age over xxx days.

Trouble Streeter: also, any word on why estate bans aren't sticking, or when the return all objects on estate willb e fixed?

Talarus Luan: Yeah, it won't be a bar to real griefers, but it's useful for more than that

Kyrion Yalin: with never ending words, never ending plans...

Jack Linden: Return all objects is an interesting one. We're going to have to work out the issue there and fix it.

CharleneTrudeau Lorefield: as much as I hate dealing with griefers, I find it distasteful to discriminate against real new accounts in that manner.

Uni Ninetails: actually the age limit. if avatar age is less than xxx disallow build, scripts, fly etc etc would be nicer

Jack Linden: I don't yet know what that isn't working

Uni Ninetails: can allow new people in but not build

Techwolf Lupindo: I would set it on one sim I help admin, we get waaayyyy to many newbies and we are not set up as a help island.

Trouble Streeter: maybe we could set up a meeting to look at it withyou? ::grin::

Talarus Luan: Well, it's not mandatory to use; it's an optional feature

Talarus Luan: Already can ban NPIOF/NPIU/etc

Jack Linden: I think our experience is that often griefing is ad hoc, and they create a new account to continue the griefing in the heat of the moment and are back.. so it would at least prevent that

Laddie Sutter: i saw a security orb like that once

Talarus Luan: Well, block, not ban

Marianne McCann: While not estate-tool specific, I would love to see a parcel tool allowing one ot make a list of avatars allowed to rez and use scripts, much like how we have an "allowed" and "banned" list today. Something that would free up the need to just hold groups for rez rights

Jack Linden: Trouble.. if we need some resident repro i may well ask for help there

Talarus Luan: Well, it doesn't stop the big ones, like the Nigras.

Laddie Sutter: i'm not sure about that one on a noob scale

Trouble Streeter: we are at your disposal, adn I know I can speak for Melody on that :)

Talarus Luan: they regularly create blocks of alt accounts that "stew".

Qie Niangao: yeah, it will really only defeat newbies, not real griefers.

Talarus Luan: If you add an age block, they will just dip a little deeper into their alt bucket.

Qie Niangao: but still useful if you need to defeat newbies.

Marianne McCann: Sorry, that's a thing I've wanted for *years* in here. I have to carry way too many groups simply for rez rights

Techwolf Lupindo: account age can help in griefters, but will really help with the "newb" problem many islands face.

CharleneTrudeau Lorefield: personally, I think there should be a separate group type for communication only versus the ones that are for land management.

Ciaran Laval: Absolutely Charlene

Jack Linden: groups in general need a lot of rethinking. when theywere originally designed we had a much smaller grid hehe

Ardy Lay: I have seen a small number of griefers with basically blank profiles, poorly dressed avatars and ages in the 2 to 4 year range.

Yann Dufaux: Jacks, wath the decission of LL about the groups limites

Trouble Streeter: if we start seeing griefing rising to day 3 avis, then we'll raise ours accordingly. If we have to. But getting hit with 2-5 simcrashing attacks a day isn't much of an alternative for us right now :(

Ardy Lay: Not sure what to think of that but weak passwords were used on abandoned accounts.

Jack Linden: Ardy,it's true that griefers do sometimes park accounts.. but it's also true that often that is very obvious to us in the data once one of them is used

Jack Linden: But agreed, it wouldn't stop the most organised troublemakers

Yann Dufaux: Trouble @ i know the situations i have active work with the french managers about this griefers likes crash the sandbox gateway ...

Talarus Luan: Yeah, the problem is that the organized ones do a large percentage of the griefing. :-/

Jack Linden: Yann, do you mean raising the number? I don't think we have made a decision on that. Groups as a whole (especially group IM) is getting some backend attentionthough to try to improve messaging

Yann Dufaux: Jakc@ i can creat a preventifs groups againts this griefers with scrits ruls?

Talarus Luan: Not generally.

Yann Dufaux: because first this griefers are againt the TOS, and second this griefers can ruin the economy on sl if the regions are note stable ..

Talarus Luan: I have an anti-griefer defense system in our security system, but it mainly stops the newbie cagers and the more common griefer weapons.

Marianne McCann: Well, it seems to me that the current group/IM, friends system is in bad shape. I would like to see ways to take the load off that system and put it elsewhere when and if possible

Kyrion Yalin: loll Yann, ça c est une tres bonne idee :P

Talarus Luan: Well, it doesn't stop the weapons themselves, but detects their use and instabans them automagically. :)

Yann Dufaux: i,m french mentor and i have fulls IM each days abouts this technical situations

Khamon Fate: We do need an avatar presence system

Khamon Fate: Icehouse was working on that back in the day

Jack Linden: Marianne.. yes, load is a big problem with groups.. but we are now looking at that

Yann Dufaux: the best way are keep a good disccuss betwen gateway or region owners ..

Kyrion Yalin: i m a portuguese mentor and have same situations, Yann

Khamon Fate: Actually Jack, y'all were looking at that two years ago

Trouble Streeter: Not to harp on meeting, but why won't the G Team meet with an estate staff that is very highly motivated to try to learn how best we can help ourselves deal with the issues on our sims?

Marianne McCann: Hence why I'd love to have the scripts/build capabilities managed at the parcel level, rather than having it a requirement of groups, but that's jes me

Marianne McCann grins

Yann Dufaux: and publish the possible names of girefers, crash region after confirmed by some owners

Praetor Janus: Jack, and what about extortion plots, 16's for L$9999 in the midddle of someones land? The problem is far from gone and new cuts are made every day

Techwolf Lupindo: emerald viewer now has IRC client and groups can set up there own private chat server and bypass groups all together.

Jack Linden: Trouble, it's tough for us to meet with all the groups/residents that want to.. we don't have enough people to be able to do that as much as we'd love to

Khamon Fate: There you go being all sensible again Marianne

Laddie Sutter: well i'm not a fan or irc

Praetor Janus: I’m usually told (even by friends lol) that diplomacy is not my greatest quality, so let me honor the tradition; Jack, Luke Termagant is abusing my patience and Your rules for more than an year now, he now has joined all his 16’s scattered in Cortina (some 40 or more) in a parcel of 960 m2 selling for some L$99000 :) This not saying anything about his Gold Coins activities :) I’ve AR’ed dozens of times opened several tickets and was always answered that it was being dealt :) Well, Jack, when enough will be enough?

Laddie Sutter: of

Jack Linden: Praetor, it hasn't gone but it's much better than it was and still improving.

Praetor Janus: I'd love to have you visit Cortina :)

Kyrion Yalin: Techwolf, who wants to use mIRC? it s an open gate to your computer

Techwolf Lupindo: Kyrion, mIRC is not used anywhere in the code.

Yann Dufaux: and , Jack why you can lock the right of script for a new account and unlok after 10 or 15 days if is a safe account?

Jack Linden: I will come take a look Praetor!

Techwolf Lupindo: mIRC is a close source client for windows.

Talarus Luan: yeah, he's one of the last of the jerk holdouts

Yann Dufaux: because its strange the avatar have right to copys and work whit a bad script to crahs the regions

Qie Niangao: oh jeepers: newbies without AOs for 15 days?

Jack Linden: Yann, do you mean the right to create a script or to use scripted objects?

Praetor Janus: I'll have refreshments waiting for you :)

Jack Linden: So much content that is awesome requires scripts so stopping new residents from enjoying those would be difficult

Marianne McCann: Shoot - gotta run. Have fun all!

Uni Ninetails: disable all scritps gridwide for one day and see how we get on

Laddie Sutter: agreed

Marianne McCann: Bye Bye!!

Yann Dufaux: Jack; sorry i try to find good way to fixes this crahs manias :(

Jack Linden: byee marianne

Kyrion Yalin: i know it, Tech :) there is some years now ive made my own client because all of those i could look at had lots of viruses

Yann Dufaux: crsh*

Khamon Fate: bye Mari

Laddie Sutter: i remember the time scripts went down for three days back in,. about the time the copy protects went down

Laddie Sutter: oh how the fired burned high

Bronte Wade: Camping Bots Jack - Its been 4 months since they were made illegal in SL - however finding a camping bot is just as easy as finding lag.

Bronte Wade: With the move to Zindra going on - established business's are loosing their land history with the move - don’t you think it would be kind to tackle this head on and made some examples out of these offenders??

Praetor Janus: yes that's an issue too Bronte

Bronte Wade: They are making life even harder for those people doing the decent thing and following the conduct that the Labs have set out - yet AR’s are being ignored and business are killed. Why is Harry holding back on removing bots?

Talarus Luan: You don't find lag, lag finds YOU!

Jack Linden: Bronte, we have been doing a ton of work on that this last 2 weeks. Many warnings and suspensions.. it will start to swing around

Talarus Luan: ..and this isn't even Soviet Russia. <.<

xstorm Radek: AR's are not getting ignored trust me on that

Bronte Wade: we have been hearing that for months Jack

Kyrion Yalin: i m surprised you can find camping bots, Bronte :P

Jack Linden: we are not ignoring ARs

Praetor Janus: LOL@ talarus

Equinox Pinion: are you still planning to put script limits on sims....and if so when...and when will we get tools to measure it by parcel

Ciaran Laval: I know of a few places where the bots have been removed, action is taking place

Yann Dufaux: Jack, i work since 6 week and some times i sleeps to 4h00am heres , i think i need more ressources :(

Bronte Wade: I could be ruthless and openly name at least 20 major sports

xstorm Radek: every real AR case that has been proven has been delt with

Praetor Janus: acording to Luke we're all communists LOL

Laddie Sutter: Mmmm,. campybots

Uni Ninetails: enoshima had bots i ard there gone seemingly

Talarus Luan: Yes, and he should know!

xstorm Radek: To file an abuse report simply go to the help menu and click on 'Report Abuse'

Bronte Wade: not in the line of work I am in - and the information I passed to you the otehr day Jack

Jack Linden: Equinox, yes we still intend to do that. The next few server releases will start to pave the way. First we'll show the script load usage in the Viewer, then we'll provide tools to find/manage script load and lastly we will enforce a region wide limit much like prims have

Bronte Wade: regarding highly sexuak places still being displayed on a PG search

Equinox Pinion: ok thanks

Bronte Wade: a number of us Ar'ed and they are still there

Laddie Sutter: and pg places on a sex search

Jack Linden: The vast majority of people will be under the limits, it's really intended for the very heavy hitters

Laddie Sutter: hold on

Bronte Wade: no if you type in Club on a PG search you get escort, gay etc places

Jack Linden: But it'll also help estate owners to understand their true load.. and to then decide how to manage that

Ardy Lay: Chicken ranchers?

Timo Daehlie: I think an AR shouldnt take longer then a day .. the max. If that is not the case at the moment you guys have to meet about it Jack

Yann Dufaux: xstomes; files a abuse report againts the griefers .. is a solutions but after the owners need to know ifs is confirmed to ban by estate controle ..

Talarus Luan: Uhh.. those damn chickens

Laddie Sutter: the landmarks in searches are wrong when i search a regon andtp it is the wrong place altogether

Timo Daehlie: leaving tickets and ars unsolved for weeks is madness

xstorm Radek: if you are having problem filing a good AR please let me know i will help you with the ar and tell you the best way to AR some thing

Equinox Pinion: yes thats the problem at the moment as you only can see it in the estate window

Praetor Janus: yes the chickens can drive a sim down!

xstorm Radek: in many cases a AR is not filed right

Talarus Luan: 3-4 of them

Jack Linden: Timo, ARs are often dealt with in hours not days, but some that require investigation are always going to be longer

Bronte Wade: well not having a camping bot option doesn;t help

Uni Ninetails: Jack two questions; Firsty any word your end on region/estate windlight control. Secondly and htis is a bit daft but i saw a texture on orientation island, its being used for underwater in the little rivers any chance of a copy or is it availalbe. Cheers.

Khamon Fate: yes it's like a dead tree in a snow scene

Khamon Fate: sorry, wrong window

Timo Daehlie: Jack .. i have had a giant globe above my plots for weeks and ard several times

Yann Dufaux: xstormes, the names of users AReds is on the confirmations object title , if you recive a mails rt

xstorm Radek: i had 6 sion chickens i killed them all do to the lag they was making for the sim

Timo Daehlie: so your system is not optimal ..

Talarus Luan: I thought you were commenting on the meeting, Khamon. :P

Jack Linden: Uni, no news on estate windlight i'm afraid. As for the texture, you'd be best talking to Michael Linden about that

Uni Ninetails: kk thanks

Timo Daehlie: same as with rejoining governor linden land

Jack Linden: Timo, whereabouts?

MonSeigneur Beresford: What's happening with the G team, I've 3 ARs about a simple object encroachment, unanswered for more than 10 days?

Uni Ninetails: ahh object encroachment the ban of megaprims

Timo Daehlie: Jack its a fact tickets take longer then a day ...

Uni Ninetails: bane

Equinox Pinion: ban of megaprims? linden is using them too :)

Hazza Price: I will send you my list Jack

Timo Daehlie: just have a look at my ticket history and see the days of requests and the days solved

Talarus Luan: Yeah, I had some giant UFO vehicles over one of my plots, and the ARs for them took about 3 weeks to get resolved.

Timo Daehlie: weeks ...

Timo Daehlie: not 1 day .. weeks

Jack Linden: we are equinox?

Equinox Pinion: yep you are jack

xstorm Radek: Jack it seems you are my last hope to get a Corsica Mainland Community Center Built By the Moles can i get your help on that ?

Uni Ninetails: i meant bane lol

Qie Niangao: encroachment seems to be bottom of the priority queue, as far as I can tell.

Jack Linden: whereabouts Equinox?

Equinox Pinion: i know yuo used them at the land expo

xstorm Radek: i have AR about 7 UFO's *GIGGLES* :)

Equinox Pinion: as soon as i see one i will let you know it

Talarus Luan: Oh, that reminds me..

Uni Ninetails: but ufs dont exist :P~

Uni Ninetails: *ufos

xstorm Radek: you must AR a UFO under object and texture encrochment

Jack Linden: Equinox, we shouldn't be using them put it that way :) and some of those builds were resident ones, not ours

Talarus Luan: We had this Yardsale Calamity idiot dump hundreds of copybotted cars all up and down the road across several sims.

Uni Ninetails: ouchy

Jack Linden: xstorm, notes.. we will try to make that happen

Equinox Pinion: :)

Timo Daehlie: Petrol Tank talarus ?

xstorm Radek: thank you jack

Laddie Sutter: wow

Praetor Janus: lighter?

Talarus Luan: The creator came by and put up "don't buy these; they are stolen", and covered them with white prims.

Jack Linden: woo Yann, your avatar is awesome

Talarus Luan: I ARed the ones in my region, and they are gone, but you can go up and down the road and find tons more.

Jack Linden: just spotted you down there

Yann Dufaux: hehe Jacks ㋡

Hazza Price: What about banlines on abandoned Linden owned land? they don't get removed even with ar's

Yann Dufaux: thanks ㋡

Uni Ninetails: if i see another bloddy supra on sl ill go mad, i broke mine in rl no more knock off jap drift motors please

MonSeigneur Beresford: Talarus you are happy your ARs were answered :)

Talarus Luan: I think this idiot needs a ban and all objects owned by her returned across the grid.

Timo Daehlie: ars are solved in a day hazza :P

Jack Linden: hehe Uni

CharleneTrudeau Lorefield: I wouldn't be happy with a ban of mega's globally. On estate it is quite easy to manage such things and I don't think we should be punished because of mainland issues. :)

xstorm Radek: Jack we wish to help in any way we can with the Community center

Yann Dufaux: i love to helps french members on sl ㋡

Hazza Price: I'll send Jack my growing lists

MonSeigneur Beresford: ARs solved ina day, lol. not mine

Jack Linden: charlene, it's not so much about mainland issues.. we don't officially support megaprims. they came about through a bug/exploit

Uni Ninetails: sighs as ban get thought of instead of bane, earlier i should have said parcel encroachment is the reason we dont have mega prims back yet

Timo Daehlie: monseigneur : [11:47] Jack Linden: Timo, ARs are often dealt with in hours not days, but some that require investigation are always going to be longer

Enemy Coba: good afternoon evryone

Laddie Sutter: i want to use megsa for my floors and walls

Laddie Sutter: they will save on my count and texture better

Equinox Pinion: and why do you want to ban megaprims...some amazing builds are made out of them

Uni Ninetails: Jack have it on good authority LL is happy to allow larger prims but you havent got a method to handle parcel encroachment in place yet

CharleneTrudeau Lorefield: oh, I know, I took good advantage of it, Jack, and created my own set, well, my main avatar did :)

Constantine Kyomoon: was there a reason to limit prims to 10m? would be nice to at least get to 16m, so a prim could span a typical 512sqm width

Jack Linden: I didn't say we wanted to ban them. I said we don't officially support their use

Talarus Luan: Also, Jack, a couple weeks ago, I brought up an issue about a sim owner who got around the buffer zone around the Fantasy continent and placed his sim where we can't move one of our regions to rejoin it. You said someone would get with me/us.

CharleneTrudeau Lorefield: But we can use them effectively and without harm, so it would be a shame to see them go simply because they become an issue in parts of the grid

Trouble Streeter: agreed on the megas, Charlene

Jack Linden: yes Tal, i passed on the name of the person you gave me

xstorm Radek: if a mega prim is with in a persons land and no over its boarders there is not much one can do unless that mega prim is over 600 M high then you do have some thing to ar it under

Talarus Luan: Megas are no different than regular prims in terms of encroachment; someone encroaches, AR them.

Uni Ninetails: well batter Andrew over the head to get the encroachment stuff underway

MonSeigneur Beresford: Ok Jack, longer I understand, but more than 10 days to remove an object (big building) encroaching???? it's a bit .... long :)

Talarus Luan: OK, we haven't heard anything at all.

CharleneTrudeau Lorefield: why on the height, xstorm

CharleneTrudeau Lorefield: because of effect on mini-map?

Talarus Luan: Been trying to get this resolved for FOUR MONTHS now.

xstorm Radek: a mega prim over 600m high can lag a sim

Timo Daehlie: still can have it done before xmas Tal :P

xstorm Radek: it will make texture lag

Laddie Sutter: well there is a return i saw used that if you encroach it returns yrou stuff

MonSeigneur Beresford: RL calls, I must go. Farewell Jack and all of you friends

Talarus Luan: I hope so; Eragon is likely going to move to another continent at this rate.

Laddie Sutter: i did it on accidnet and my stuff got returned

Kyrion Yalin: Tal, you surelly will have it solved as a birthday gift :P

Jack Linden: sorry, i can't join your group (whoever invited me) i have no spare slots

Yann Dufaux: okey Jack no worrie! ㋡

Jack Linden: okay ladies and gentleavs, i have to scoot to more meetings.

xstorm Radek: Jack if you need me to slow down on my AR's i will do so ;-)

Constantine Kyomoon: bye Jack

Qie Niangao: Thanks Jack.

Ciaran Laval: cheers Jack

Equinox Pinion: take care jack!

Talarus Luan: Also, Onix has been pretty sick lately, so please have them contact both of us

Jack Linden: thank you all for coming along!

Kyrion Yalin: bye Jack

Uni Ninetails: tah jack

Trouble Streeter: and Jack, we still want to meet!

Timo Daehlie: thanks Jack and expect a notecard soon ;)

Enemy Coba: bye jack tanks

Yann Dufaux: bye bye Jack have a nice days and have a nice meeting:)

xstorm Radek: no thank you jack

Jack Linden: thanks timo!

Jack Linden: :)

Timo Daehlie: :P

Yann Dufaux: hehe, usual meeting ㋡

Jack Linden: byeeeee