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14 August Office Hours Minutes 11:00A - 12:00P PDT Ambleside (110, 6, 26)


Angelo Linden Astarte Artaud Ciarin Laval Cory Edo Davo Lane Dimitrio Lewis Harleen Gretzky Jessica Holyoke JayR Cela Jurin Juran Kamael Xevious Khamon Fate Kooky Jetaime Laetizia Coronet Mamiot Smit McCabe Maxsted Phli Foxchase Prokofy Neva Revolution Perenti Robin Linden Sadettin Aya SignpostMarv Martin Tree Kyomoon Wyn Galbraith

1) Cory’s issue re: suspension

     (suspension first and review later is not a good process)
     - A number of small payment were made to several avatars, this tripped a fraud hold
       that is in place to enable review of accounts for fraud activity
     - Cory was conducting a stress test for an ESC project; paying participants who filled
       out note cards with feedback
     - The holds are temporary until LL can review them. The reason we do it that way is
       because if we don't put the accounts on hold,  the fraudsters are long gone. The
       other type of fraud behavior that this mirrored is account phishing.  Robin has 
       spoken with Giff on how to avoid this problem going forward, so it shouldn't be an
       issue again.

2) Reminder: If you are running a business where you will be paying out small amounts

      of L$ to a large number of employees, for example, we can white list your account.
      Contact JP Linden to do that.

3) Please remember that Office Hours meeting are meant to be discussions with

      residents, not press interviews.  Please let your LL host know if you’re a reporter.
      We want to ensure that quotes are not taken out of context.

4) The process of finding new last names is not automated. 5) Various comments by residents about Ofc Hours they found helpful (Robin’s and

      Zero’s), and a great format (Chadrick’s from early August where he asked questions--
      rather than answering them)

6) General discussion about banking inworld, and how LL shouldn’t be involved.

      LindeX is not a real bank.   Trusting LL to act as a service provider of a virtual world
      AND as a bank would be a stretch.

7) Continuing discussion around trust. Why did people trust Ginko with their Linden$?

      Answers: “longevity”, “trust no one”, “people didn’t trust them at all, just saw ‘free
      monies’” , “you become and [sic] officer in their group with the ability to sell their
      land? That's about the only collateral there is, other than long observation of
      behaviour and meeting in RL, but even that's not enough, and it's like RL in that
      respect” , “I didn’t trust Ginko, not at all, I invested stipend money as a game…”

8) More on trust: “I determine trust by guessing how much risk is involved in trusting that

      person, and if there's evidence not to trust, that's my default. I read an article about
      ginko being a possible scam, so pulled my money out, for example”, Does LL plan
      to ‘certify’ companies?, Will there be a class of LL-certified residents?, is age 
      verification a trust building tool?—it might aid in less misrepresentation.  Trust
      contributors: volunteers/mentors, the Dev group, certification, residents-turned-
      Lindens has created a more trusted group re: SL., residents wondering why Robin
      is initiating discussions on trust.  

9) Discussion around open source: if LL was planning on closing LindeX and land

      auctions, open source enables anyone to print land “like shelf paper” causing land 
      values to plummet.

Action items:

1) Advertise and hold weekly inworld press conference, regularly scheduled ‘like

    clockwork’ to minimize journalists attending Ofc Hours

2) Robin to let search team know Khamon Fate’s issues around searching rez’s profiles

    via real life info.  LL has e-mail info, not credit card info.    

Prepared by Angelo Linden using chat log and voice discussion…