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23 October Office Hours Minutes 11:00A - 12:00P PDT Ambleside (110, 6, 26)

Attendees: Akasha Myoo Ciarin Laval Corto Maltese Dimitrio Lewis Jurin Juran Khamon Fate Kooky Jetaime JW Singer Phli Foxchase Robin Linden Wyn Galbraith

Discussion Points:

Sandbox- and welcome area-griefing are big challenges: • you can use the PBH report, help menu to see who the owner of an object is (e.g. griefer inventory items) • griefing under control • difference between the kind of bullying you see in welcome areas v. the large scale attacks that crash sims • education/empowerment vital in welcome areas

Problem is with staff response time, or lack of education and reporting.

Security and Ideas • Get estate owners to accept responsibility for processing abuse reports, and they can decide what is/is not acceptable defense in their areas. LL is currently testing options to enable this. • Discussion around mainland management & selling it off to estate managers for management, hiring a third party to operate the mainland, • “pay to play” discussion; potentially reducing griefing • Don’t want to make credit cards the basis for privileges—not everyone has them • Discussion on mainland lack of parcel level controls • Possible to have each group of mainland sims, for example 64 sims, have a specific liaison assigned to the landowners in those sims to help with their issues and AR’s

Potential Action Items:

• Add self defense class (and supporting tools) to the orientation • Tool that would enable discarding of all objects belonging to someone (except the owner)? • New permission dialogue “(user) would like to apply a force to your avatar which will

 send you millions of meters from your current position (accept) (decline)”

• Conversion of the mainland to a single large estate owner; the individual parcel owners wouldn’t to worry about controls?? • Assign a specific Linden (or two) assigned to their group of sims (to help Mainland owners)