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6 November 2007

Office Hours Minutes

11:00A - 12:00P PDT

Ambleside (110, 6, 26)


Akasha Myoo

Bridget Teskat

Carolyn Clip

Ciarin Laval

Grace McDunnough

JW Singer

Kooky Jetaime

Ichi Jaehun

JW Singer

Kooky Jetaime

Master Pye

Phli Foxchase

Prokofy Neva

Robin Linden

Tallibrina Nishi

Tillie Ariantho

Welody Lyne

Wyn Galbraith

Discussion points:

  * Governance team now working with Support on enforcement 
  * Robin is still managing community initiatives and marketing, 
    including product management. Cyn is now managing customer 
    relations, including support and concierge services. Cyn is now a 
    VP! (We are in the process of updating the community wiki pages) 
  * Community development is another aspect of marketing (mostly about 
    experience and how to make SL a place that people want to stay) 
  * We’re making surveys on the home page part of our objectives for 
    Q108. It’s part of Everett’s goals, and he’s talked about them in 
    his office hours, too. He says they’ll be short. 
  * Some sort of training on large scale community events would be 
    very helpful. An event “kit” and training would be great. 
  * For general classes, check out search>events>(then select classes 
    by category) 
  * Answer to question regarding orientation French sim; use the 
    registration API to bring people from your website to your island. 
  * Question about copybot and full perms: claim can be filed using 
    the DMCA process (est by US law) Glenn Linden can help you file a 
  * <> 
    for copyright questions (e.g. entertainment uses of SL, etc.) 

(Potential) Action Items:

  * Update linden roles wiki (part of community pages??) 
  * Perhaps some coordination of office hours topics, so there’s no 
    duplication among Lindens 
  * Things to do better for the winter festival (list of several items 
    to be forwarded by Grace)