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9 October Office Hours Minutes 11:00A - 12:00P PDT Ambleside (110, 6, 26)

Attendees: Aargle Zymurgy Akasha Myoo Angelo Linden Ciarin Laval Delphina Audina Dimitrio Lewis Dizzy Banjo Kamael Xevious Khamon Fate Kooky Jetaime JW Singer Lamorna Proctor McPhenius Swain Missie Hax Phli Foxchase Phoenixa Sol Robin Linden Ron Finucane Wyn Galbraith

Discussion points (including some VAT):

• kudos to Zara (Linden) for great communications to residents re: gaming

• Lamorna Proctor: I just find it ironic that I am subject to US law when it omes to gambling, but UK law when it comes to taxes. Robin replies, “ But there are also times when we have to make decisions about laws in other countries or stop doing business in those countries.” “ VAT is one such law; the ban on depictions of sex with children (age-play) is another” (“ So it's not as inconsistent as it may seen.”)

• Lamorna Proctor: if linden lab were to register as an online gambling company in the uk, they could offer the service. Robin responds: “No we couldn't Lamorna, because all our servers are in the US”.

Suggestions on how to improve communications between LL and SL residents:

- town hall meeting on 8 Oct was a definite improvement (XXXXX) - “road maps” of plans (next 3-6 mos) - inworld announcement & blog (used in tandem) - SL is already too populated for y'all to reasonably listen to all of the individual inputs. It's time to stop being so innovative and just implement some tried and proven methods of collecting and compiling customer views and requests. More info on the log-in page? - The login screen is a way to get us messages right away. Like a start page it gives me lots of info. Forget the pretty pictures. - On the account page, users should be able to choose the topics they are interested in to recieve news maybe... - make the page dynamic; once feedback’s given no re-prompt - localize by region for language, etc. - you can feed it with linden blog feed - news update on home page… - - ToS pop-up box with what’s new - about LL making a concentrated effort to collect grid wide population opinions - current customer satisfaction survey at login get mixed bag of reviews… - get results posted somewhere so comments don’t just disappear into a black hole - scripter’s discussion board:


Challenges: A big challenge for me is trying to take the temperature around an issue. Sometimes it's easy, like with VAT. Sometimes it's more difficult to know what the broad perspective is on something.

Action Items:

  • How to collect and share office hour feedback (Robin)
  • Use of surveys for Resident input (Robin)
  • Action/Jira items from 9 October Office Hours (Robin/Steven)