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Scripter. SL is currently my job. I take custom orders.

I am the maintainer of the following tools for scripters:

  • LSL-PyOptimizer, a tool written in Python that optimizes scripts for size.
  • LSL Calculator calculates expressions using LSL syntax. It is able to perform calculations with all LSL types.
  • kwdb, a LSL keywords database that can generate syntax for various editors and tools, for SL and OpenSim.
  • Unofficial LSL Reference Wiki, an alternative wiki for LSL reference. Work-in-progress. Sort of stalled at present.

I am not the maintainer of this one, but kind of the "de-facto maintainer":

  • lslint, a tool to check your script for errors and common mistakes, catching them all in one go instead of stopping at the first one. I was told there was a plug-in for SublimeText but it seems to no longer be usable.

My store is <SeiS>.