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Siyu first came to Second Life in early October of 2006, purely out of curiousity. Exploring posed confusion and frustration, until she discovered the beautiful, artistic setting of the Isle of Wyrms. After being inspired by the setting, and finally getting the very first taste of what Second Life could be like, she tried picking up the build tools to see just what she could do. After a couple of morphed spheres and butchered toruses, she sat down and created her very first object... a 26 prim rose textured with a texture out of the Library and yet still somehow better than every other rose she encountered. After being greatly encouraged by the community of the Isle of Wyrms and her own fiance, she continued making little things that she fancied, including a mask (similar to one that she owns in her first life). She soon found that she had a great passion for pouring love into building things that had been neglected, poorly crafted, ignored or forgotten.

She now owns a successful business called Illusions, where she sells her prim masks, hats, veils, and other things she feels like building, as well as offering her services as a portrait photographer. She both built and "sim-scaped" half of the island of Carnivale, generously donated by a friend and patron of her art: Vanessa Noarlunga. She has taken the opportunity of her real life birthday to celebrate the birth of both sculpted prims and her own birth of Second Life building to rebuild the rose, to near photorealism.

She has only ever entered one build competition, where she won the title "Builder Most Likely To Take Over The World" from a vote of the kind people of the Isle of Wyrms.

Siyu Suen likes to say that her Second Life has greatly impacted her first, in fact, it has led to a career opportunity in Production Design in Hollywood, California.

Check out her pictures at: