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Greetings.. My name is Slatan Dryke and I am born on May 22nd 2007, and from the first day of my Second Life I have explored this amazing Metavers just like the World in my Real Life !!! I am very open minded always ready to get new experiences and friends, more than ever quick to free my fantasy and creativity ! I have joined to the Second Life Volunteers Program and my mission is to help the new residents to improve Second Life and all its citizens. Be Curious and Eager... !!!


Benedicite... Mi chiamo Slatan Dryke e sono nato il 22 Maggio 2007, e dal primo giorno in Second Life ho esporato questo meraviglioso Metaverso proprio come il Mondo nella mia vita reale !!! Ho un carattere molto aperto sempre pronto a fare nuove esperienze con nuovi amici ma soprattutto mi diverto a lasciare libere la mia fantasia e creatività ! Faccio parte del Programma dei Volontari di Second Life, la mia missione è di aiutare i nuovi residenti per migliorare Second Life e tutti i suoi cittadini. Siate curiosi e affamati... !!!


Technical Experience / Conoscenze Tecniche

  • Languages: HTML
  • Platforms: Windows xp

Speaking Languages / Lingue

  • Italian mother language/Italiano madrelingua
  • English fluent/Inglese fluente
  • Spanish fluent/Spagnolo fluente

Second Life Experience / Esperienze Second Life

  • Owner of Domus Lymphae
  • Charity Events promoter and supporter, SL Sculptor.
  • Second Life Buddy Mentor, Second Life Apprentice Buddy, Second Life Mentor Q/A.
  • Second Life Mentor Linguist, Second Life Mentor Greeter, Second Life Italian Speaking Mentor.
  • Mental Mentor, Second Ability Mentor, Community and Viewer Translator, Burning Life Linguist.

VIRTUAL ABILITY ISLAND * Home of the Virtual Ability, Alliance Library System orientation, training and information facilities for people with disabilities and chronic illness.

Virtual Ability: winner of Linden Prize 2009 * Make of this space your space of helping and sharing, for an always better SL for everyones!

Special Thank's and Reference

With huge gratitude to Usil Bailey, for the patience, the time and the big effort... the source of my knowledge !!!

=================================================================================================== }visl |Greeters=* |Mentors=* |Helpers= |Instructors= |Scribe= |Linguist=* |Buddy=* |ApprenticeBuddy=* |Coach= |OrientationCoach= |}}}}}