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Q208 Goals

Get Alcatraz Publishing Source

  • One-step self-generated open source tarballs on all platforms
  • One-step untar, setup and build on all platforms
  • Work with cg to add open source builds to parabuild
  • Work with cg to automate S3 and svn pushes, replacing current bash scripts

Increase Patch Acceptance

  • Make patch acceptance/submission rate visible to Lindens, sldev
  • Crank on more imports
    • Take on more patches myself
    • Work with Coco to recruit more Linden importers
    • Get PM representation, finally acknowledging open source imports as critical work

Teleport Failures

  • Establish a baseline metric / meaningful charts working with #dw team
  • Teleport documentation - move TP from "tribal lore" to designed system
    • Wikify TP
      • Complete Jake's work
      • Match existing metrics to tp stages
      • Find stages/systems needing new metrics
    • Teleport "State of the Union" blog broadcast
    • Get TP-specific PM work similar to Hamilton's inventory representation
    • Hold a Linden U
  • Data gathering
    • Metric analysis with #dw
    • Implement new metrics identified during doc phase
    • pJIRA focusing
      • Find existing issues
      • Get new issue type
      • Office hours or section of current triage for ongoing resident feedback / data mining
  • Fixes
    • List specific fixes identified during documentation, analysis
    • Fix high nails - Current goal: 2 major sources or about 1/3 of failures

Inventory Loss

  • Metric analysis with Alex/#dw
  • New metrics as called out by Aura's documentation and fixing efforts

Linux Distro inclusion

  • Work out licensing issues with Liana and Laura
  • openal replacement completion
  • Identify solution for vivox, other closed components as optional components automatically downloadable from
    • Foster sldev work on these - perhaps identify existing delivery model
  • Create a standard open source distro reference branch with cmake as standard
  • Get main page linkage to endorsed distro packages for beta